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Courses & Masterclasses

Learn from the worlds best & discover how to create amazing photographs 

We have partnered with some of the most renowned and celebrated photographic artists & professionals, to bring you a series of interactive, small group, masterclasses and courses. Each course is designed and developed by the photographers themselves, with a combination of live, online classes, and exclusive courseware. 

Connect virtually with our world-class photographers in real-time.

Deepen your skills on a range of subjects & techniques

Access your masterclass recordings at any time


Underwater Photography Reboot

Alex Mustard

Alex Mustard has specially designed and updated this eight-part Masterclass to refresh all your core skills, reminding you of the best practice for wide-angle, macro, composition and lighting underwater.


Landscape Masterclass

Guy Edwardes

This course has been specially created by Guy to inspire your creativity and refine your technical ability as a landscape photographer


Creative Bird Photography

David Tipling

A course specially designed and crafted by David Tipling to introduce to and inspire your photography by using "Visual Thinking" in your approach to Bird Photography learning from an accomplished professional the higher level use of light, composition, and field techniques to take better photos.


Underwater Photography Review

Alex Mustard

Alex Mustard’s Underwater Photography Review is specifically designed for Reboot Alumni, as an extension of the interactive and supportive learning environment, with Alex now shifting his focus totally onto your images.


A Masterclass in Safari Photography

Federico Veronesi

This is truly a special and unique opportunity to work directly with Federcio in his specially designed Masterclass Course to give a revealing insight into the fieldcraft and processing skills he will impart to take your photography to the next level.


Finding Your Voice

Chris Gomersall

Strive to become the original artist, not just the tribute act. This masterclass is mainly concerned with ideas in wildlife and nature photography, rather than the mechanics of it, so is aimed at those in pursuit of originality and innovation.


Fungi Photography Masterclass

Guy Edwardes

Photographing Fungi is a passion of Guy's and he is one of the most widely acclaimed photographers in this genre, as such he has poured his accumulated knowledge and skills into a Masterclass Course for those equally as intrigued by the wonderful world of Fungi


Level Up - A Masterclass Series

Tom Way

Tom has specially designed this four-part Masterclass to give a revealing insight into the core skills, and professional attributes needed to take your Photography to the next level. This is a unique opportunity for a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience with a great photographer and mentor.


Developing Your Vision

Steve Gosling

Steve has specially designed this creative Masterclass course to steer you through a proven process he adopts to create compelling images. Giving a revealing insight into the professional approach needed to take your photography to the next level.

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