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Underwater Photography Review

Alex Mustard’s Underwater Photography Review is specifically designed for Reboot Alumni, as an extension of the interactive and supportive learning environment, with Alex now shifting his focus totally onto your images.

Alex Mustard

Underwater Photography Review is a one session Masterclass based around a review of your photos, where Alex leads a discussion on how to improve your photos artistically, technically and through post-processing in Adobe Lightroom. Each Review session is individual, the images submitted are the catalyst for the topics and processing tips that Alex will cover. Each session is limited to just 14 photographers, allowing everyone to present 2 of their images for discussion.

“Underwater Photography Review is intended as a natural continuation of Reboot,” says Alex, “both in terms of the photography teaching and the encouraging group atmosphere. The format is simple – each photographer introduces each of their images indicating either why they have submitted it or posing a question. I will then pick up the discussion focusing on what you have done well and what you could have done better. My aim is to pass on tips relating to what you could have done better underwater and showing you what you can now do in post-processing using Adobe Lightroom. You can follow up with questions, such as suitability of images for contests, art prints or publications – the aim is for the sessions to be a two-way discussion. The group are welcome to comment briefly too. My intention is that everyone will pick up ideas, tips and processing tips throughout the whole session, not just when the spotlight is on your pictures. Each Review session will be different and you can join me for as many as you choose.”

Dates, availability and booking links are in the booking section below

The Event's Aim

Everyone who has experienced the Reboot Course and those who have previously enjoyed Alex's teaching will appreciate the benefit of both Alex's detailed and personal review of their chosen images combined with the help and support of a small number of fellow underwater photographers also taking part. These image reviews are comprehensive and aimed at those particular special images you want Alex's specific help and support with.

The Take Away

The event will be recorded and a downloadable copy for your private use will be sent to you.
Alex will be giving his full "International Competition Judges" eye critique of your image which in of itself is incredibly valuable and of a considerably more detailed level than anything previously given in the reboot forum comments.
Your image file with any processing by Alex will be sent to back you for your future reference.

Ongoing Opportunity

These will be regular events and reboot alumni are welcome to attend on several occasions.
If you have a series of images you wish to be reviewed you are more than welcome to come back to future events. If you do wish to have more than two images looked at by Alex on a single session please contact us direct to make special arrangements. We are sure that the learning experience and ongoing reboot camaraderie gained by sitting in on Alex's review sessions will make each event unique, special in its own right and hugely beneficial.

Course Feedback

I just wanted to thank you and Alex for amazing sessions!
I absolutely loved the workshop, and the image review session was incredibly helpful! Alex, of course is masterful and it was an absolute honor to be a part of his course and have him help with my photos.

Stephanie Doniger

Booking Details

Review Masterclass - Group 3 Thursday 8th April 7.00pm UK

Alex has kindly agreed to offer this session on  Thursday 8th April at  7.00pm London. 

The Masterclass as detailed is £46.50 and includes your attendance to a group event limited to 14 participants, all of Alex’s input, your downloadable recording and your image files returned with any processing undertaken by Alex. 

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