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Image by Aaron Burden

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We host a broad and varied range of online talks, presentations, masterclasses and workshops for audiences of all sizes. Our interactive, photography events cover everything from camera setup, image composition and picture critiques, as well as guest talk shows. Presented live, these shows offer a unique opportunity to develop new skills, and draw inspiration from award-winning photographers around the globe. Contact us to book a private event.

Upcoming Events

Photography Experts present world-class photographers, known not just for their award-winning imagery, but for having a passion and a talent for sharing their expertise, experience and vision, to provide inspiration, guidance and encouragement to photography enthusiasts as well as up-and-coming visual storytellers, the world over.

Best of Africa - over 20 events for 2 months -

Greg du Toit


Best of Africa - over 20 events for 2 months -


1 Dec 2023

A fabulous package of over 20 previous event recordings for unlimited viewing over a two month period featuring work from Greg du Toit, Marsel van Oosten, Federico Veronesi, Nelis Wolmarans , Brendon Cremer, Chris Fallows, Tom Way, Sarah and Andy Skinner Albie Venter and Dave Cox

Shock, awe and mystery: Photographing the ‘Sublime’

Rachael Talibart


Shock, awe and mystery: Photographing the ‘Sublime’


2 Jul 2024

The ‘Sublime’ is a tradition in art that goes back centuries. It is a form of beauty that includes an element of fear, the thrill that comes from being confronted by something so huge, strange or different that we struggle to find a reference point for it in our own experience.

Video Channels

A special compilation of over 20 videos from our international award-winning African Wildlife Photographers. Just £15, with unlimited views for 2 months.

A full selection of Alex's stand alone teaching presentations

Video Camera Lens

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Please contact us if you have an enquiry, or would like to book a Photography Expert for a presentation or masterclass.

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