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Image by Aaron Burden

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We host a broad and varied range of online talks, presentations, masterclasses and workshops for audiences of all sizes. Our interactive, photography events cover everything from camera setup, image composition and picture critiques, as well as guest talk shows. Presented live, these shows offer a unique opportunity to develop new skills, and draw inspiration from award-winning photographers around the globe. Contact us to book a private event.

Upcoming Events

Photography Experts present world-class photographers, known not just for their award-winning imagery, but for having a passion and a talent for sharing their expertise, experience and vision, to provide inspiration, guidance and encouragement to photography enthusiasts as well as up-and-coming visual storytellers, the world over.

Time and Tide: Photographing the Rhythms of the Ocean

Rachael Talibart


Time and Tide: Photographing the Rhythms of the Ocean


27 Sept 2023

The ocean and the coast it carves are wonderfully dynamic things to photograph, but they can also be very challenging subjects. In this talk, specialist fine art coastal photographer, Rachael Talibart, will share her approach with plenty of practical and creative tips for making the most of coastal locations.

The Big Switch Now on Catch Up

Alex Mustard


The Big Switch Now on Catch Up


1 Nov 2023

The recording of this great event is now available on catch up

Join Alex for a detailed and honest presentation about the Pros and Cons of switching to full frame mirrorless cameras for underwater photography. The session is aimed primarily at existing SLR photographers considering upgrading to a new camera.

Although, the event will focus on switching to mirrorless, there will be plenty of valuable content for existing users and we will be opening up the session for existing users to share their experiences and opinions in an interactive session.

Recording Now Available  - Patagonia

Max Waugh


Recording Now Available - Patagonia


25 Nov 2023

Journey on a photographic expedition to a land full of epic scenery and amazing animals - Patagonia. A stunning new destination for the Photography Experts platform to showcase with an exceptional photographer and guide Max Waugh.

Best of Africa - over 20 events for 2 months -

Greg du Toit


Best of Africa - over 20 events for 2 months -


1 Dec 2023

A fabulous package of over 20 previous event recordings for unlimited viewing over a two month period featuring work from Greg du Toit, Marsel van Oosten, Federico Veronesi, Nelis Wolmarans , Brendon Cremer, Chris Fallows, Tom Way, Sarah and Andy Skinner Albie Venter and Dave Cox

Past event Image Creation and Processing Masterclass with Gurcharan

Gurcharan Roopra


Past event Image Creation and Processing Masterclass with Gurcharan


9 Dec 2023

Find the recording of this great event in our recordings library .
An incredibly detailed insight into how Gurcharan captures AND Processes his amazing images. Join us a we get a processing and image creation Masterclass.

A Creative Photographic Journey

Shem Compion


A Creative Photographic Journey

No Charge

23 Dec 2023

Following on from Shem's introduction event we are pleased to showcase a dive into his creative approach to photography and how he pushes those who travel with him to achieve their own great images.

Video Channels

A special compilation of over 20 videos from our international award-winning African Wildlife Photographers. Just £15, with unlimited views for 2 months.

Video Camera Lens

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