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Recording now available on catchup Lembeh - A Drop in the Ocean

Nick More

Alex Mustard

At just 10 miles long and rarely more than a mile wide, the Lembeh Strait, is quite literally a drop in the ocean. But this sheltered sliver of water is rightly celebrated as the best place on the planet for underwater macro photography.
Positioned in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, it is in the heart of the Coral Triangle - the epicentre of marine biodiversity, and its unique mix of habitats creates a multitude of niches for different species in a small area.

Lembeh is the realm of mimic octopus, painted and hairy frogfish, flamboyant cuttlefish, ghost pipefish, countless nudibranchs and, or course, the pygmy seahorses.


 It is a dream destination for underwater photographers because the subject matter is so diverse and, more importantly, abundant that you always have something to shoot. Most of these critters just sit still and pose, so certain their extravagant adaptations will keep them safe. A single day in Lembeh typically yields as many ‘keepers’ as a whole week of photography in other locations.

Those who missed Alex Mustard and Nick More can access the recording for a visual feast as they share the wonders of this remarkable destination, explain the reasons for its richness,  celebrate their favourite subjects and pass on photographic tips for making the most of any visit. 

Photography Experts is pleased that Nick More will join our ranks of Expert Photographers and we are sure this location presentation by Alex and Nick will be well worth registering for.

3 July 2024 at 18:30:00


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