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At Photography Experts, we are continually looking for unique, initiative ideas and presenters for our audience. We are pleased to showcase here our upcoming collaborative events and, new to our platform, great Photographers and creatives who have great stories, fabulous images and a ready willingness to share their expertise with you. 

We have spent time working with all these Photographers creating unique content and presentations of the highest order; we are pleased to welcome them all to Photography Experts. 

Albie Venter

Photography and Guiding is Albie’s passion, and it has taken him across the great wildlife areas of southern and East Africa – from the Maasai Mara and Serengeti in Kenya through the wildlife and primate reserves of Uganda to Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia even venturing further afield as the exotic Galapagos Archipelago of Ecuador.

Guy Edwardes

"Wherever I’m working I try to capture atmosphere and drama in my images trying to capture subjects in new ways, often working on new techniques in order to produce a unique image"

Andy and Sarah Skinner

Andy & Sarah Skinner are a professional Wildlife Photography team whose photographic work has been recognized in a number of renowned international photography competitions including GDT European Wildlife Photographer of The Year Competition, Nature Photographer of the Year and Natures Best.

Danny Green

Danny Green is a well respected award-winning wildlife photographer who has been capturing stunning images right across the natural world for over 30 years.
Danny's presentations are always very engaging , filled with stunning images , helpful tips and a great amount of humour.

David Tipling

David Tipling is one of the World’s most widely published wildlife photographers renowned for his artistic images of birds. His many accolades include a coveted European Nature Photographer of the Year Award (2002) for work on Emperor Penguins, and in North America, Nature’s Best Indigenous Peoples Award (2009) for his pictures of Mongolian eagle hunters. David is an accomplished presenter, his talks are always educational and thought provoking.

Paul Harries

Paul Harries is Britain's pre-eminent photographer of rock bands who play their music at volume. Over the course of more than two decades, if a group has emerged that are loud and proud of it chances are its members have stood in the frame of this man's lens.

Tina Korhonen

Tina Korhonen is a music, portrait and editorial photographer whose work has been widely published, including in NME, Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Rolling Stone, The Observer, among others, and on album and book covers and artwork.

Tom Way

Tom is a professional fine art wildlife photographer recognised for his both powerful and engaging portraiture of Africa’s large mammals. His work is widely exhibited in galleries and exhibitions as well as being awarded in the worlds leading photographic competitions including European Photographer Of The Year and The World Sony Awards. Tom is an accomplished speaker whose talks not only give informative and detailed insights behind his portfolio but leave participants motivated and inspired to push their own photography further.

Greg du Toit

A previous winner of the coveted "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" competition, Greg is Africa's pre-eminent wildlife photographer.
Greg's talks are fascinating events that combine images of staggering beauty with an in-depth knowledge of the environment and the subject's individual characteristics

Jan van der Greef

Jan van der Greef is a highly inspirational and motivational speaker, with a depth of presence.
All of Jans talks are hugely interesting and inspiring combining thought-provoking concepts intertwined with sublime image-making .

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