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Photography Experts provides unrivalled, one-to-one access to some of the worlds most renowned photographers and digital creatives. We enable you to discuss the aspects of photography that you are most interested in, such as image composition, technology and processing. You can even collaborate, live and in real-time on your images with tools such as Photoshop and LightRoom. Book a one-off meeting, a course with monthly assignments, or gift a session with your expert of choice. 

Marsel van Oosten

Marsel’s images are famed for their composition, lighting, colour and perspective. In his work, he tries to keep his images clean and uncluttered, enabling the viewer to focus on the image’s inherent graphic qualities.
As a result, he has been decorated with many prestigious awards, including winning the overall titles for; Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Travel Photographer of the Year and International Nature Photographer of the Year.

Nick Dyer

Nick is an award-winning wildlife photographer who lives a nomadic lifestyle journeying through eastern and southern Africa. His home is most frequently his tent, supported by his Toyota Land Cruiser which contains everything he needs. Nick’s passion for wildlife and photography began when growing up in Kenya, where he lived until his late teens.

Roy Mangersnes

Roy Mangersnes is a trained behavioral ecologist, conservationists and professional photographer living in southwestern Norway. He is former chairman of the two largest nature photography associations in Norway; BioFoto and Norwegian professional Nature photographers Association.

Federico Veronesi

Federico is one of the most sought after Fine Art Photographers and safari guides working in Africa today He has extensive first-hand knowledge on behaviour of many animals including Leopards, Lions, Cheetahs and Elephants and of course the elusive Caracal - very few people in the world have followed and studied wild Caracals as much as he has done.

Alex Mustard

Alex Mustard is the only underwater winner of the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2013) and has a long track record in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, his winning pictures featuring in 14 different collection books. Renowned for his openness and ability to explain the specific techniques of underwater photography, his international workshops invariably fill in minutes.

Chris Fallows

Chris is a World-renowned wildlife photographer and authority on Great white sharks.
Internationally acclaimed as a Fine Art Photographer his works grace the top galleries around the world while he himself is most likely found in a remote part of the globe with his wife Monique working in conservation projects.

Guy Edwardes

Guy Edwardes has been a professional landscape and nature photographer for over 25 years. His work has been published widely at home and abroad and each year he runs a series of popular workshops around the world. Guy’s talks always include lots of technical information, which makes him a popular speaker with those wishing to learn more or to hone their skills as landscape or nature photographers.

Steve Gosling

Steve is a professional photographer who specialises in producing creative & contemporary landscape and travel images. His photographs have been widely published internationally and his fine art prints have been exhibited in venues in the UK and overseas.

David Tipling

David Tipling is one of the World’s most widely published wildlife photographers renowned for his artistic images of birds. His many accolades include a coveted European Nature Photographer of the Year Award (2002) for work on Emperor Penguins, and in North America, Nature’s Best Indigenous Peoples Award (2009) for his pictures of Mongolian eagle hunters. David is an accomplished presenter, his talks are always educational and thought provoking.

Tom Way

Tom is a professional fine art wildlife photographer recognised for his both powerful and engaging portraiture of Africa’s large mammals. His work is widely exhibited in galleries and exhibitions as well as being awarded in the worlds leading photographic competitions including European Photographer Of The Year and The World Sony Awards. Tom is an accomplished speaker whose talks leave participants motivated and inspired to push their own photography further.

Greg du Toit

A previous winner of the coveted "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" competition, Greg is Africa's pre-eminent wildlife photographer.
Greg's talks are fascinating events that combine images of staggering beauty with an in-depth knowledge of the environment and the subject's individual characteristics

Jan van der Greef

Jan van der Greef is a highly inspirational and motivational speaker, with a depth of presence.
All of Jans talks are hugely interesting and inspiring combining thought-provoking concepts intertwined with sublime image-making .


Ole J Liodden

Acclaimed Norwegian a Pro Wildlife Photographer


Brendon Cremer

Professional wildlife photographer & guide


Nelis Wolmarans

Professional guide & internationally acclaimed award-winning photographer


Paul Harries

Rock Star Photographer


Will Fortescue

Fine Art Photographer , Conservationist and Tour Leader


Ollie Taylor

Professional Astrophotographer


Albie Venter

Respected African Photographer and Safari Guide.


Tina Korhonen

Professional Music Photographer


Steve & Ann Toon

UK-based, husband & wife team of award-winning wildlife photographers.


Chris Gomersall

Internationally recognised Professional Wildlife Photographer.


Andy & Sarah Skinner

Professional Wildlife Photography team.

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