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Alex Mustard

Underwater Photographer

Alex Mustard is the only underwater winner of the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2013) and has a long track record in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, his winning pictures featuring in 14 different collection books. Renowned for his openness and ability to explain the specific techniques of underwater photography, his international workshops invariably fill in minutes.


One to One

For the ultimate bespoke learning experience, book online one-to-one mentoring with Alex on all aspects of your underwater photography, including individual teaching of lighting and photography techniques, post processing help, portfolio review, contest coaching, equipment review and destination advice.



Alex holds interactive Masterclasses for those looking to develop their underwater photography to the highest level. Limited to small groups, these combine Alex’s detailed teaching of the art and technique with a strong interactive element to ensure they are tailored exactly to your needs.


Group Talks

Alex is a passionate and informative presenter on both underwater photography and ocean life. If you are an event organiser schedule a pre-booking consultation with Photography Experts to discuss Alex giving a presentation for your group or corporate event.

Upcoming Events

Masterclasses & Courses


Underwater Photography Review

Alex Mustard’s Underwater Photography Review is specifically designed for Reboot Alumni, as an extension of the interactive and supportive learning environment, with Alex now shifting his focus totally onto your images.


Underwater Photography Reboot

Alex Mustard has specially designed and updated this eight-part Masterclass to refresh all your core skills, reminding you of the best practice for wide-angle, macro, composition and lighting underwater.

Signature Talks

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