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Underwater Photography Reboot

Alex Mustard has specially designed this four-part Masterclass to refresh all your core skills, reminding you of the best practice for wide-angle, macro, composition and lighting underwater.

Alex Mustard

Reboot is an extensive course covering the fundamental topics of wide angle, macro, composition and lighting underwater. Quite simply Alex has packed everything he feels is important to producing stunning underwater images into this course, it is a total course on excelling at underwater photography. The course is for photographers new to Alex’s teaching as well as who have attended his workshops in the past. The Masterclass has a limited, small class size, and questions are encouraged by Alex throughout all the sessions.

“There is a massive amount in this course,” says Alex. “The teaching sessions are supposed to be 90 minutes, but they always run to two hours and people are still enjoying the discussion when I say ‘time’s up’. I started with a blank sheet for every lecture, wrote down everything that I felt was important and poured it all into the lectures. I’d never try and teach so much in an evening lecture in the field, but I know the class can re-watch the videos, read the course notes and really absorb the lessons. Reboot is everything that I think is important to take your underwater photography up several levels. The small group size and the forum adds so much, you’ll learn plenty between the weekly sessions by sharing images and advice with each other.” This is a five session, four-week course. Your subscription includes full access to all of Alex’s recorded presentations, and a dedicated course forum, where you can share your images related to each week’s topics, interact with other photographers taking the course and benefit from input from Alex too. The 4 main presentations are preceded by an introductory session from the team at Photography Experts and Alex to introduce you to the website tools and so that the class can all get to know each other. The classroom opens 20 minutes before each presentation for additional chat.

Alex uses beautiful images, stills of photographers in action, some underwater video and practical demonstrations with underwater camera gear to aid teaching. Each teaching session is live and lasts at least ninety minutes, although they usually run to two hours with time for input from all attendees. “Your questions really shape the course, and become part of the recordings for everyone to watch back.”

This Masterclass Subscription costs £245 for access to five live events, and all course material for 12 months. Subscriptions to this plan are non-refundable, and a registered Zoom membership is required to access the live events. Alex is allowing a slightly larger group size for this 7th Reboot because he is not sure when he will next have a window for running one.

Dates, availability and booking links are in the booking section below

Introduction & Welcome with Alex

Photography Experts will hold a short introductory event to give all subscribers a comprehensive introduction to how the Masterclass course will work. This will include a full tour of your subscriber features, your document and recording repository, and use of the forum features. There will also be tips on how to make the most of Zoom to fully participate in the live sessions, and engage with Alex and your fellow course members. Alex will lead a short round the room conversation, allowing each photographer to share what camera equipment they use and their photographic experience. Access to technical support by Photography Experts will continue through the duration of the entire course.

Week 1 -Wide Angle Reset

Great wide-angle photographs underwater rarely happen by accident. You don’t take them, you make them. In this first Masterclass session, Alex will deconstruction both the technical and artistic process behind taking stunning wide-angle underwater, allowing you to build up to producing photos direct from the camera that people just can’t keep their eyes off. The session will cover equipment choices and configuration, optimal settings, subject selection, balancing lighting, and controlling framing and composition. The aim is to help you appreciate the importance of optimising each to truly master this discipline.

Week 2 - Macro Reset

Macro photography underwater is often regarded as easier than wide-angle, but producing really standout images is just as difficult. The key is usually capturing a visually appealing subject framed against a background that enhances the photo without out-competing the subject. Alex will explain the technical aspects of equipment selection for macro and super macro, focus and framing, optimal settings, lighting techniques, find and choosing subjects and options for backgrounds. The aim is to put you in complete control of your macro pictures to regularly produce stunning and satisfying work.

Week 3 - Secrets of Composition

Art is subjective, but in the photographically challenging underwater world there are ideas that work and ideas that don’t. Time is always limited underwater and the advice here is distilled to help you make the right decisions when the action is unfolding. Alex will cover the importance of viewpoint, orientation, picture format, and how to vary composition when shooting macro, fish portraits, big animals, wide angle scenics, wrecks, black and white and people underwater. The aim of this talk is to arm you with solutions that work. This talk doesn’t mention the ‘rule of thirds’ and instead focuses on compositions that can be put straight to work underwater.

Week 4 - Light is Fundamental

George Eastman of Kodak famously said “Know light, know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.” Learning to master light underwater not only will allow you to work more effectively, but it will put you totally in charge of the look of your images. In this final session, Alex will explain how best to control light underwater with an emphasis on mastering the light on the subject provided by your flashes. The talk will cover both classic and advanced techniques, such as Inward Lighting and Off Camera Strobes. There is no one correct way to illuminate underwater pictures and Alex will practically demonstrate different lighting styles and how they transform the subject and atmosphere of your pictures.

The course is delivered on Zoom, which will adjust all times to your local time zone.
Each live masterclass is expected to last around a minimum of ninety minutes, allowing time for input from all. Most of Alex's sessions regularly run over 2 hours as the content and group interactions are vibrant and lively. Each week Alex will also set a variety of tasks for everyone to interact on the forum.

Course Feedback

It was a wonderful course, so much information packed in four lessons!
In countries like mine one would say: great value for money. But there is more: Great how Alex is willing to share his knowledge with us with so much energy.

Floris Bennema

The “Reboot on-line course” from Alex Mustard has been a fantastic experience – a real bonus to stay connected and refresh skills. Even on-line, Alex is so full of energy, passion to share his knowledge with the small workshop group on wide angle, macro, composition and lighting. Each session is fully packed with time for Q&A, with added bonus of course notes and recordings – so you can be inspired by four ” Alex Reboot” recordings or the rest of the year.
Alex also promoted the discussion and sharing experiences amongst the course group on the PE forum – as sharing images and experiences is known to be a valuable tool that Alex uses on his “live” workshops. Highly recommended for all UW photographers – those new to Alex then you are in for a real treat with this high energy on-line experience, and for those who need to refresh after time away from diving due to travel bans. For me personally, these four weeks have been a tonic for the soul in these very isolating times, and wonderful to be connected with Alex and a great group of equally enthusiastic underwater photographers.

Valerie Reid

The Alex Mustard Masterclass: Underwater Photography Reboot online course was simply AMAZING! It comprises 4 weekly sessions for Wide Angle, Macro, Composition and Lighting. Each weekly course was jam-packed with a ton of information during which you could actually ask questions!! Each session was done live but also video-taped for your future reference. There were also group forums created for the members to post images and discuss/share ideas with feedback from Alex.
I would highly recommend this course to any underwater photographer, from aspiring to professional. I’ve been truly motivated by Alex to produce better images in the camera. And I’ve learned a TON about proper lighting. Thank you, Alex, and your team for this wonderful production!!

Debbie Wallace

Not being able to join Alex on one of his workshops, this format is perfect. Alex put so much information in each of the classes that it is hard to remember everything. The recordings of the sessions and the possibility to watch them again helps a lot. Also that everybody can ask questions any time. The Forum is also a great resource for everybody. Will definitely join again!

Michael Thiel

Dates & Availability

Group 7 - Sorry now fully booked

Please join us for the: 

  • Introduction on Wednesday 8th December  2021 7.00pm

  • Session One at 07:30 PM onwards ·(Approx. 90 minutes) 

  • Session Two is on Wednesday 15th December 2021 at 07:00 PM · (Approx. 90 minutes)  

  • Session Three is on Wednesday 22nd December 2021 at 7.00pm (Approx. 90 minutes)  

  • Session Four is on Wednesday 5th January 2022 at 7.00pm (approx (90 minutes)

NB. All dates & times displayed here are for London (UK), and you should check your local timezone before booking. 

This Masterclass Subscription costs £245 for access to the introduction and five  live masterclasses (inc introduction), remote support and all course materials for 12 months. 

Subscriptions to this plan are non-refundable and a registered Zoom membership is required. 

A-Zoom invitation will be sent prior to the course start, we'll also send a reminder before the opening session. 

As always, if you have questions or need help, please contact