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Tom Way

Fine Art Wildlife Photographer

Tom is a professional fine art wildlife photographer recognised for his both powerful and engaging portraiture of Africa’s large mammals. His work is widely exhibited in galleries and exhibitions as well as being awarded in the worlds leading photographic competitions including European Photographer Of The Year and The World Sony Awards. Tom is an accomplished speaker whose talks leave participants motivated and inspired to push their own photography further.


One to One

Book a mentoring program or a bespoke 1-2-1 session with Tom. Improve your photography through portfolio critiques and developing your own style. The ultimate way of taking your photography to the next level.



Tom holds Masterclasses for select groups looking to push their photography to the highest level. Limited to small groups giving you a detailed insight into Tom's mindset on key aspects of photography.


Group Talks

Tom is a passionate, eloquent and informative presenter. If you are an event organiser and would like to arrange a private bespoke presentation, enquire here and Tom will respond to discuss your individual requirements.

Upcoming Events

Masterclasses & Courses


Level Up - A Masterclass Series

Tom has specially designed this four-part Masterclass to give a revealing insight into the core skills, and professional attributes needed to take your Photography to the next level. This is a unique opportunity for a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience with a great photographer and mentor.

Signature Talks

The Art of Wildlife Photography Part I

Now available as a streamed video enabling you to catch up with the series of live talks by Tom Way titled 'The Art Of Wildlife Photography'. This was the start of a creative, inspiring, and educational journey in which Tom gave an insight into his mindset as a fine art wildlife photographer. In this recording of the event, he talked about the importance of light, character and simplicity which he feels are the three key components to creating powerful and evocative wildlife imagery. This talk showcases a number of Tom's most recognisable pieces of work as well as recent photographs to give a thorough and informative demonstration on how these factors play a vital role in taking compelling wildlife portraits.


Welcome To The Mindset

Available now as a free to view video "Welcome to the Mindset" was the inaugural talk of Fine Art Photographer Tom Way on the Photography Experts platform. The live event was an incredible success attended by over 500 participants worldwide creating great interest in Tom's work and future events.
The video spelt out Tom's approach to his work and gives an insight into his future aspirations working on the platform. This is a great start to following all Tom's work including the inspirational "Art of Wildlife Photoghraphy" Series


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