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Level Up - A Masterclass Series

Tom has specially designed this four-part Masterclass to give a revealing insight into the core skills, and professional attributes needed to take your Photography to the next level. This is a unique opportunity for a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience with a great photographer and mentor.

Tom Way

The 'Level Up' masterclass with Tom has been designed to inspire attendees to take their photography to the next level. To encourage and motivate people to think creatively and strive to take more compelling and engaging images.

Within a small group environment, Tom can deliver an extremely thorough course covering the key aspects of wildlife photography with plenty of time for attendees to ask questions during and after the sessions. This masterclass has been broken down into 4 sessions which have been designed to give a better understanding of Tom's mindset as a photographer in order for participants to then put these methods into practice to improve their own photography. The course will open up valuable conversations on topics such as processing, camera settings and composition ideas with Tom offering review and critique sessions both during the masterclass and through the online forum.

Throughout the course Tom will showcase a number of his most recognisable photographs to offer both inspiration and ideas. However, he will also review the flawed results which led up to the final photograph in order to discuss with the group why the photograph does not work and what one would do differently next time. By highlighting and discussing photographs that did not make the final cut it provides great foundations for making improvements.

With a maximum of only 20 participants this masterclass provides the perfect environment for attendees wanting to take their photography further.

This Masterclass Subscription costs £245 for access to five separate sessions delivered live events on four evenings, and all course material for 12 months. Subscriptions to this plan are non-refundable, and a registered Zoom membership is required to access the live events.

Dates, availability and booking links are in the booking section below


The first session of the course will include an introduction by Tom and the Photography Experts team to explain how the Masterclass course will work. This will include a full tour of your subscriber features, your document and recording repository, and use of the forum features. There will also be tips on how to make the most of Zoom to fully participate in the live sessions, and engage with Tom and your fellow course members. Access to technical support by Photography Experts will continue throughout the duration of the entire course. Tom will also be setting out his ambitions for the course and your development.

Masterclass Part I - The Setup

The premise of Part I is to present the fundamental foundations for improving your ability to achieve those aspirational professional standard images. Tom details his thought process and methodology when planning a trip, the various research he undertakes as well as the advantages and disadvantages of having preconceived ideas on the photographs you would like to create. This session will cover the range of equipment Tom chooses to take on location and give a detailed account of how his camera is set up to capture his fine art photographs. Tom will present a variety of favoured settings whilst demonstrating that the more you understand about your camera and its capabilities, the faster and more notable your improvement will be.

Masterclass Part II - The Key Components

Once we have a better understanding of the necessary settings to take well-exposed, technically sharp, and well-balanced photographs, what next? When looking through the viewfinder to compose your image, how can we step away from simply documenting and recording what we see to capturing compelling photographs that hold our attention? Throughout Part II, Tom presents a number of important key factors which he looks for on location to create successful imagery and how he goes about using these effectively.

Masterclass Part III - The Processing

The way in which we process our photographs is extremely personal. We all see the world slightly differently and have our own preferences but that is what makes art so fantastically subjective and us all unique as individuals. The majority of photographers will shoot in RAW and as a result, the photograph will then need a level of processing in order to bring the image back to what we saw at the time. During this masterclass session, Tom will demonstrate his own Adobe Lightroom workflow by processing both a colour and black and white image from start to finish. Tom has specifically chosen two images that will encourage conversation on a number of different topics and cover the tools he often uses across his portfolio.

Masterclass Part IV - The Critique

The final session will fuse together the key areas covered during this masterclass series in the form of an image critique. In this small and structured working environment, Tom invites the group to share a number of their own images for his review and stimulate discussion on each of the photographs giving his suggestions for improvement (if needed!) either through the settings used at the time or through the slightest alteration in post-production. During Part IV, Tom speaks about the challenges we face as photographers in critiquing our own photographs and ways to overcome this in the future. Although the masterclass series comes to an end here the group forum and online support that Tom offers covering any questions you have when putting these newly learned skills into practice will continue.

Remote Support by Tom

Tom has purposely built in between the teaching sessions several great ideas for delegates to work on the private forum under his guidance allowing everyone to work through the ideas and information imparted, he will always be collaborating via the forum with tips and supportive advice and individual images and concepts are worked on. And of course, remember all the sessions are recorded for you to watch over and over again.

This Masterclass Subscription costs £245 for access to five live sessions delivered on four evenings, and all course material for 12 months. Subscriptions to this plan are non-refundable, and a registered Zoom membership is required to access the live events.

The course is delivered on Zoom, which will adjust all times to your local time zone.
Each live masterclass is expected to last around a minimum of ninety minutes, allowing time for input from all. Most of Tom's sessions will overrun as the content and group interactions are vibrant and lively so best allow 2 hours. Each week Tom will also set a variety of tasks for everyone to interact on the forum.

Course Feedback

Thank You Tom, Dave and Team for the wonderful course, and the time and care taken in producing the course and feedback to questions and photos. The course was given with such passion and love for what you do Tom. To aspire to reach such a level is so motivating, and inspires me once again to try and reach my own level of potential by letting go of sloppy habits and being more organised in the field and post production level. I would highly recommend this course and wish everyone joy and success in their pursuit. The images shared by Tom were amazing and inspiring as were all the groups images. I learnt a lot in the process. Now to infuse into my photography.

Fran Cantello

Thank you, Tom, Dave and all fellow learners, it has been an inspirational master class!
Having admired Tom’s work for some time it was great to hear Tom openly and methodically share his vision and techniques to produce his fabulous images. Tom, Dave and the PE team facilitated a great learning environment, so that we learned both for Tom and all the participants by sharing and critiquing everyone images. The PE platform is well organised and very easy to use. Overall a fabulous, inspirational course that I would recommend to anyone interested in improving their photography skills.

Maggie James

I always loved learning, but when there is a teacher who makes you think, makes you reflect and each week there is more to learn and discover, that is just fantastic. Tom Way was exactly that type of teacher, you can feel his enthusiasm and passion for his craft and also his joy on bringing this to a learning audience. Hugely enjoyed the four sessions and can only recommend the course to anybody.

Pascale Beagrie

Booking Details

Group 2 Fully Booked

This Masterclass Subscription costs £245 and includes exclusive access to four live sessions and all courseware (videos, notes and private course forum) for twelve months. Subscriptions to this plan are non-refundable. A registered Zoom membership is also required. Please join us for:

  •  Introduction and Session One Thursday 6th May at 07:00 PM (approx 2 hours) 

  • Session Two on Thursday, May 13th 2021 at 07:00 PM (approx 2 hours) 

  • Session Three on Tuesday, May 18th 2021 at 07:00 PM forum.

  • Session Four on Wednesday, May 26th 2021 at 07:00 PM (approx 2 hours) 

All dates & times displayed here are for London (UK), and you should check your local timezone before booking. A welcome e-mail with links and instructions will be sent 48 hours before the course starts.

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