Ollie Taylor

Professional Astrophotographer

Ollie has been contributing to the landscape astrophotography scene in Europe for around a decade, helping the genre gain mainstream popularity through writing for multiple photography and associated magazines. This was instrumental in the beginning of a “landscapes by night” explosion onto the UK photography scene.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Ollie Taylor - An Introduction

This introduction will feature a brief insight into how it all started; the challenges, the highlights, the journey, and an in-depth pictorial look into the drivers that enabled him to develop his style and work flow. The culmination of continually getting his work recognised and appreciated, through to how he, and the genre, has progressed to today.

Nightscaping - with Ollie Taylor

A diverse nightscape portfolio presentation of work, demonstrating not only subject variety and pairing the landscape with the night sky, but with a strong emphasis on the considerations. The thinking and critical planning behind the presented landscape astrophotography images, alongside basic technical settings, seasonal planning, and general advice on tips and tricks used within the field are also covered.

Signature Talks

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