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Recording Available On Catch Up "Walk the Earth" with Federico Veronesi

Federico Veronesi

Join us for a wonderful complimentary evening presentation by the acclaimed Fine Art Photographer Federico Veronesi. Federico's presentations on Photography Experts have always been a joyous photographic extravaganza of African wonders, made all the more compelling by his boundless enthusiasm for his craft and the continent he now calls home

You are all cordially invited to spend an hour or two with Federico Veronesi, a true photographic artist, at an event that will include an insight into his latest collection of images of his favourite animal, The African Elephant; enjoy wonderful new images and stories from his new book, Walk the Earth.


Visit to see this fabulous presentation.

In Federico's words......

"Walk the Earth" will be a photographic journey  across the African wilderness in search of the last great tuskers of  Africa. Great tuskers are rare and charismatic individuals with very  long and heavy tusks, sometimes scraping the ground. Prime victims of  trophy hunters and poachers, there are hardly more than 30 left in the  world, most of them in Kenya. My fascination with great tuskers started  when I was a little child in my home in Italy, reading stories about the  mighty Ahmed, Kenya’s greatest tusker at the time, who lived in the  remote Marsabit NP. When I traveled to Kenya for the first time at 6  years-old in 1982, visiting his reconstruction at the Nairobi Natural  History Museum was one of the most emotional moments of the safari and  one that stayed with me forever.

After  I moved to Kenya to become a full time wildlife photographer and safari  guide, one early morning in February 2010 in Amboseli NP, I was waiting  for a large herd of Elephants to get closer to the road on their way to  the marshes. I could hardly believe my eyes when a magnificent giant  bull emerged from the woodlands in the distance, his tusks almost  touching the ground. I immediately felt that I was in the presence of  another mighty creature, a true heir to Ahmed’s throne. I later found  out that his name was Tim, born in 1969. Eventually I realized that  other great tuskers still live in this magnificent country, and that  thought sparked my desire to try to find and photograph them.

Finding  these elusive individuals in places like Tsavo, 20,000 square  kilometers of endless wilderness, has been a sometimes desperate  endeavor. The encounters that I made have made it all immensely  worthwhile and these are the images and stories that form the backbone  of “Walk the Earth”. From the majestic Tolstoy and Craig in Amboseli, to  Oneton in the Chyulu Hills and the secretive giant tuskers Lugard and  Iltilal in Tsavo. And not to forget the great female tuskers, the  matriarchs, pillars of Elephants’ society, such as Theodora and Dida.

Throughout  the last few years working in Tsavo, there was one bull Elephant that  more than any other fascinated me and that I longed to see and  photograph. The only pictures and sightings of him were by rangers or  researchers from patrol flights over remote untamed areas. His name is  Balguda. I decided that when and if I would ever find him, it would be  the culmination of this extraordinary journey and that would be the time  to tell this story… the story of the last great tuskers who still walk  the earth.

31 July 2024 at 18:00:00

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