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RECORDING AVAIALBLE A unique and intimate Teaching Workshop with Federico Veronesi

Federico Veronesi

An outstanding masterclass teaching session with Federico for those wishing to elevate their image-making skills with help and advice from a truly exceptional photographer.
It is specifically aimed at those with a deep passion for African wildlife, particularly the Megafauna and especially the largest of them all, the African Elephant.

We hope you will have enjoyed and marvelled at the images created by Federico in the complimentary event "Walk the Earth" and realised that these images not only require a magnificent subject but also a very , very highly developed skill set.


The Masterclass will be charged at £65, it is expected to last nearly three hours and will include detailed insights by Federico into all his acquired knowledge of this genre.

Expect detailed camera settings, field craft, explanations of the best angles to shoot the subject at, and, of course, lighting considerations.

Anyone who has spent time with Federico will know he is passionate about sharing his knowledge and will not leave anything unanswered and none of his vast experience unshared.

If you are lucky enough to travel to Africa and want to elevate your images this specialist in-depth and one-off event is a must.

The event was originally presented and includes a comprehensive question and answer session at the conclusion of the presentation. 

4 July 2024 at 18:00:00


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