Creative Bird Photography

A course specially designed and crafted by David Tipling to introduce to and inspire your photography by using "Visual Thinking" in your approach to Bird Photography learning from an accomplished professional the higher level use of light, composition, and field techniques to take better photos.

David Tipling

A course specially designed and crafted by David Tipling to introduce to and inspire your photography by using "Visual Thinking" in your approach to Bird Photography learning from an accomplished professional the higher level use of light, composition, and field techniques to take better photos.

This is a six-week course beginning formally on Tuesday, December 8th, delivered with four interactive online masterclasses, with David Tipling. Your subscription includes full access to all of David's recorded presentations, and a dedicated course forum, where you can share your images with regular input from David.

The aim of the course is to push your Bird Photography, indeed any photography you do by working with the professional approach David adopts, that is "Visual Thinking" of images incorporating the use of light, composition, and field techniques to take better photos. He will share with you that what makes a picture stunning isn't the gear or technology - it's the story.

Dates, availability and booking links are in the booking section below

Introduction & Welcome with David

Photography Experts will hold an introductory event to give all subscribers a comprehensive introduction to how the Masterclass course will work. This will include a full tour of your subscriber features, your document and recording repository, and use of the forum features. There will also be tips on how to make the most of Zoom to fully participate in the live sessions, and engage with David and your fellow course members. Access to technical support be Photography Experts will continue through the duration of the entire course.

Week One - Composition

Composition is a broad subject within photography so we will look specifically at how it affects bird photography. While we often strive simply to get a good sharp image of a bird, when the opportunity arises or when we can manipulate a situation such as at a garden feeding station, then we can be more adventurous with our composition. We look at how to structure our composition to improve the picture, where to place the bird, when to shoot in landscape or portrait format, framing the subject using various rules of composition and creatively breaking them.

Week Two - Light

The camera records everything it sees whereas we use our eyes selectively when viewing a scene. We discuss learning to look and think about what to include within the frame of the image. Eliminating clutter and assessing backgrounds is discussed and how to use depth of field to control this.
The second part of the session deals with how to read the light, when to shoot using front lighting, back lighting, creating pleasing silhouettes and how to use colour when the opportunity exists.
You will be also receiving feedback through the forum on the topics covered so far.

Week Three - Field Techniques

There are a number of creative options that can be achieved through shutter speed and aperture. We look at, and give all the technical know-how to create pleasing motion blur images, creating abstracts and using the medium of black and white.
We then look at a variety of field techniques such as setting up perches, how to photograph garden birds in flight, stalking techniques and operating a camera remotely in a way that is creative and unique.

Week Four - Pulling It Together

In the final session, David pulls everything together, we work through in-depth a number of case studies at a professional level showing how the same subjects can be photographed in very different ways using the techniques discussed.
You will of course have been practicing the ideas imparted on the course so far so this final session will really be a boost for you to start you off, with confidence, working on your own projects.

The course is delivered on Zoom.
Each live masterclass is expected last around ninety minutes, allowing time for input from all.
Each week David will be setting practical challenges for everyone to put into practice what they are learning

Course Feedback

"I have been photographing birds for several years now but was struggling about how to think differently about my photography. This course proved to be a real help with loads of ideas and techniques to do just that. It has changed my approach so instead of planning just to take photographs I now put much more time into thinking through what is possible and trying to achieve something other than the mundane. The secure forum is also very helpful, with both David and the other course attendees offering advice and a constructive critique of your photographs. All in all, highly recommended!"

ALan Dixon

I enjoyed the Creative Bird Photography course presented by David Tipling.
David is always a very interesting person to spend time with, if only online at present and his knowledge of birds is outstanding. The course makes you think more about the finished result and less about the technicality of the equipment, get as much done in-camera as possible with the main focus being on composition, the position and strength of the light. Not only making the best of the situation you may find yourself in but also how to plan ahead and increase your chances of making a good picture. Having the course over a few weeks was ideal, each session long enough to keep up the momentum and between sessions, you had some time to go and practice what you had learned. Time given in each session for questions and answers helped with any queries or concerns you had as you went along. Loading up samples of your work on the secure forum enabled David to help you with your pictures also giving you the benefit of seeing other members pictures and recommendations. David, by default, will teach you how to take less photographs and make more pictures.

Edward Russell

Dates & Availability

Group Three

Bookings for this course are now open, limited to 20 registrants.

Please join us for the: 

  • Introduction on Monday 22nd November 2021 8.00 PM (approx 30mins), followed by Session One at 08:30 PM · (Approx. 90 minutes) 

  • Session Two is on Monday 29th November 2021 at 8:00 PM · (Approx. 90 minutes)  

  •  Remote working with forum support is undertaken between sessions

  • Session Three on Monday 6th December at 8:00 PM · (Approx. 90 minutes).

  • Session Four on Monday 13th December at 8:00 PM · (Approx. 90 minutes).

This Masterclass Subscription costs £165  for access to the introduction and three live masterclasses, remote support and all course materials for 12 months. 

NB. All dates & times displayed here are for London (UK), and you should check your local timezone before booking. 

Bookings are non-refundable. Please expect a welcome email, with all links and instructions on how to participate 48 hours before the course starts.

As always, if you have questions or need help, please visit https://www.photographyexperts.com/support