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Landscape Masterclass

This course has been specially created by Guy to inspire your creativity and refine your technical ability as a landscape photographer

Guy Edwardes

During this course Guy will explain his approach honed over many years at the top of his profession. Learn detailed insights into preparation, use of light and composition from an accomplished professional in an interactive and supportive environment.

This is a 5 part course with an introductory session, followed by four interactive online masterclasses with Guy. Your subscription includes full access to all of Guy's recorded presentations, and a dedicated course forum, where you can share your images and receive regular support, critique and tips from Guy.

 The aim of the course is to give a unique interactive experience with Guy, and to push your Landscape Photography to a higher level by learning first hand the professional approach Guy adopts in his work. Guy has crafted a course that is incredibly detailed, practical and inspiring incorporating the use of light, composition, and field techniques to take better photos. He will share with you what it takes to make pictures as stunning as those in his portfolio.

Each live masterclass is expected last around ninety minutes, allowing time for input from all participants.

Each week Guy will be setting practical challenges for everyone to put into practice what they have learned in each session.

Dates, availability and booking links are in the booking section below

Introduction & Welcome with Guy

We will hold an introductory event to give all subscribers a comprehensive introduction to how the Masterclass course will work. This will include a full tour of your subscriber features, your document and recording repository, and use of the forum features. There will also be tips on the best use of Zoom to fully participate in the live sessions, and engage with Guy and your fellow course members. Guy will be present to provide a little more insight into the course content. He will also ask you for any additional topics you would like to cover during the course, with a view to including these if possible. Access to technical support by Photography Experts will continue through the duration of the entire course.

Week 1 – Equipment & Planning

This Masterclass session is all about making sure you’re suitably equipped and have the necessary planning skills to maximise the potential of each landscape location you visit. Although quality landscape photography can be achieved using a fairly modest set of camera equipment, there are features, functions and accessories that can help to make your life much easier and therefore improve your photography experience and success rate. Guy will talk about filters, tripods, lenses, processing software and also explain how to go about planning landscape shoots, especially when working in unfamiliar locations. This will include the use of maps, apps and local knowledge.

Week 2 – Focussing and exposure technique

The two most important technical challenges for the landscape photographer are achieving front to back sharpness and controlling excessive contrast. Guy will explain in detail the various techniques he uses (both in-camera and in post-production) to ensure the highest possible technical quality in his images, whilst also keeping the process as simple as possible. Topics covered will include an in-depth look at hyperfocal focussing and focus-stacking. Guy will also explain his method of shooting and blending a bracketed sequence of exposures to capture the full dynamic range of a scene. The aim of this session is to clarify both of these important skills so that you can be confident of achieving technical perfection in the field.

Week 3 – Nailing Composition

Achieving a pleasing composition is probably one of the hardest parts of landscape photography, and the one that takes longest to learn. It is however absolutely fundamental to the success of your images. Guy will use examples to explain his thought process when arriving at a location and deciding where to shoot from, which elements to include and exclude and how to arrange those elements in the frame. The aim of this session is to enforce the most important aspects of landscape composition to provide you with a base from which to then work on your own compositional style. This is a gradual process so Guy will be on hand to guide you via the forum over the next few weeks.

Week 4 – Landscape illumination

Lighting is a critical factor in achieving successful landscape images. However, it isn’t all about dramatic lighting … it’s much more about ensuring the ‘appropriate’ lighting conditions for the subject or location you’re photographing. Guy will show various examples of where certain lighting conditions can be used to good effect. He will suggest locations that work in overcast conditions, in low light and in bright sunlight. Some processing tips to give your images that little extra ‘pop’ will also be demonstrated. Beautifully lit landscape images often take a great deal of planning… it’s certainly not all down to luck! The main aim of this session is to help you plan and predict to ensure you’re in the right place at the right time!

Course Feedback

Not only a master of the methods and techniques of Landscape photography, Guy is also a master of communication and presentation. Whatever their experience to date, I am quite that certain anyone attending this course will be taking better Landscapes by the end of it. An outstanding, most instructive experience

Tony Leach

I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. Guy course is excellent and has spent a lot of time putting it together. His knowledge and expertise is invaluable.

Angus Lamont

An excellent course delivered by a master of landscapes, well structured and easy to follow. It was great to have hints and tips from Guy on not only photographic techniques but also what additional tools could make our lives easier. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is keen to develop their landscape photography skills.

Steve Killoran

Booking Details

Group Three

This Masterclass Subscription costs £245 and includes exclusive access to  live sessions and all courseware (videos, notes and private course forum) for twelve months

Please note all dates & times displayed here are for London (UK), and you should check your local timezone before booking. 

NB. All dates & times displayed here are for London (UK), and you should check your local timezone before booking. 

Bookings are non-refundable. Please expect a welcome email, with all links and instructions on how to participate 48 hours before the course starts.

As always, if you have questions or need help, please visit

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