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Fungi Photography Masterclass

Photographing Fungi is a passion of Guy's and he is one of the most widely acclaimed photographers in this genre, as such he has poured his accumulated knowledge and skills into a Masterclass Course for those equally as intrigued by the wonderful world of Fungi

Guy Edwardes

You may well have seen Guy's presentation on The World of Fungi photography but this Masterclass course takes all of Guy's teaching and support to another level.

Photography Fungi is a passion of Guy's and he is one of the most widely acclaimed photographers for this genre , as such he has poured his accumulated knowledge and skills into a Masterclass course for those equally as intrigued by the wonderful world of Fungi and who want to create stunning images to a top quality standard.

These Masterclasses are full sessions lasting around 90 minutes but no one is watching the clock and if the group are engrossed in the subject matter Guy will always have time available to make sure everyone is happy with the points and techniques he has presented.

This is a course that starts with an introductory session, followed by three interactive online masterclasses with Guy with a period of supported homework before the final session. Your subscription includes full access to Guy's recorded presentations, and a dedicated course forum, where you can share your images and receive regular support, critique and tips from Guy.

 The aim of the course is to give a unique interactive experience with Guy, and to push your Fungi Photography to a higher level by learning first hand the professional approach Guy adopts in his work. Guy has crafted a course that is incredibly detailed, practical and inspiring incorporating the use of light, composition, and field techniques to take better photos. He will share with you what it takes to make pictures as stunning as those in his portfolio.

Photography Fungi is increasingly popular , it is accessible, addictive and recognised as a standalone subject in the most prestigious photography competitions in the World with Guy Edwardes at the forefront of this creative genre.

Dates, availability and booking links are in the booking section below

Introduction & Welcome with Guy

The first session of the course will include a short introduction by the Photography Experts team to explain to how the Masterclass course will work. This will include a full tour of your subscriber features, your document and recording repository, and use of the forum features. There will also be tips on how to make the most of Zoom to fully participate in the live sessions, and engage with Guy and your fellow course members. Access to technical support by Photography Experts will continue throughout the duration of the entire course.

Session 1 Fungi Field Skills

The first Masterclass session is all about finding interesting subjects and making sure you’re suitably equipped to create striking images of them! Guy will talk about equipment requirements, planning a shoot and basic image composition. Lighting techniques can be crucial if you want your Fungi images to really stand out. Guy will show various examples of where certain lighting conditions can be used to good effect. He will also show how he uses artificial light to emphasise his subjects. Finally he will explain in detail how he achieves front to back sharpness in his images with the use of focus-stacking.

Session 2 Processing your Fungi photographs

In the second Masterclass session Guy will show how he processes his Fungi images in Adobe Lightroom and Topaz De-noise AI, and also how he incorporates focus-stacking into his workflow. This will include a live demonstration using Helicon Focus Pro. The aim of this session is to ensure you have the skills to get the most out of your beautifully lit and well-composed macro images, including those taken using extreme magnification.

Remote Working Forum Support

Guy has purposely built in a short break between the teaching sessions and the final review group session to allow everyone to work through the ideas and information imparted, he will though be collaborating via the forum with tips and supportive advice and individual images and concepts are worked on.

Session 3 Bringing it all together

During this session, Guy will bring the group back together and work through some of the course members own images for critique or discussion and will advise how you might refine your composition or lighting technique. He will also assist you with any images you might be struggling to get right. This session will also bring together all the teaching and be a great opportunity to recap any topics from previous sessions that might require further clarification. Course participants will have used the forum extensively by now and Guy will also be on hand to add help and advice over the following few weeks.

Course Feedback

Guy's knowledge on his subject including both the equipment and the techniques was immense. To be able to interact with somebody of his experience on an almost one to one basis in the time of lockdown was a real joy. I personally came away with a much better understanding of the demonstrated techniques and the little insights needed to produce the next level of taking photos. The interaction with a group was new to me, and I found it to be extremely pleasant and stimulating.

Glen Alder

I cannot express too highly my admiration for Guy and his masterclass on photographing fungi. His photos are outstanding and he is only too willing to share all his techniques and knowledge. He answered every question whether from beginners or advanced photographers with equal enthusiasm and patience. The course is terrific value for money

Kevin Marsh

Booking Details

Group Three

This Masterclass Subscription costs £165 and includes exclusive access to three live sessions and all courseware (videos, notes and private course forum) for twelve months. Subscriptions to this plan are non-refundable. A registered Zoom membership is also required. 

  • Please join us for the: 

  • Introduction & Session One on Thursday, September 16th  2021, at 07:00 PM (approx 2 hours) 

  • Session Two  on Sunday, September 26th  2021, at 07:00 PM  (approx 90 minutes) 

  • Session Three on Friday, October 1st, 2021, at 07:00 PM · (Approx. 90 minutes)  

Please note all dates & times displayed here are for London (UK), and you should check your local timezone before booking. 

NB. All dates & times displayed here are for London (UK), and you should check your local timezone before booking. 

Bookings are non-refundable. Please expect a welcome email, with all links and instructions on how to participate 48 hours before the course starts.

As always, if you have questions or need help, please visit

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