Our wildlife masterclasses are hosted by full-time, award-winning professional wildlife photographers who have gained a wealth of knowledge about photography, wildlife and conservation issues.

With valuable guidance on the necessary equipment and photographic techniques, as well tips on composition to get you thinking more creatively, you’ll be taking superb photos that show off your subject in the best possible way.

Wild Dogs of Laikipia

NOW AVAILABLE TO STREAM - The hugely popular presentation on the Painted Wolves of Laikipia, a double-length presentation with stunning images and detailed information.

Chase Your Dreams is the incredible true story of international award winning African wildlife photographer, Greg du Toit, and details his personal undertaking to get the ultimate eye-level photograph of free-ranging lions drinking, at a waterhole in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.

Serengti Sojourn

The Video release of this fantastic talk will be announced soon

Fluttering Wings, Deep Connection

Coming soon as a streamed video on demand. From the wondrous images of Monarch Butterflies to the compelling tale of the Quetzel Jan gives an inspiring presentation.

Wild Taiga, a never-ending Forest

From large predators, like the brown bear, wolf and wolverine to elusive birds like the great grey owl and golden eagle. Danny has spent 10 years travelling to these remote forests in all seasons to capture these images.

The Gathering - Introducing Jan Van Der Greef

Available as a complimentary video streaming from our Video Channel the hugely popular introduction of Jan Van Der Greef on the Photography Experts Platform

The Art of Wildlife Photography Part I

Now available as a streamed video enabling you to catch up with the series of live talks by Tom Way titled 'The Art Of Wildlife Photography'. In this recording of the event, he talked about the importance of light, character and simplicity.

Welcome To The Mindset

Available as a complimentary video . "Welcome to the MIndset" was an introduction into the photographic mindset of the acclaimed and popular Fine Art Photographer Tom Way on Photography Experts

Evolution of beauty and wholeness, rethinking Darwin

The role of beauty and connection is the red thread while traveling through China and Sumatra searching for unique members of the pheasant family among them the legendary Great Argus

The Art of Wildlife Photography Parts II and III

In response to many requests and in a continuation of the insight into The Art Of Wildlife Photography ,such a vast subject, Tom has created - Parts II and III allowing for much more detailed information to be imparted into the key componants of the genre.

Beyond Oneness

In his journey of discovery insight in the interconnectedness of all living creatures is obtained, the Oneness.

Reflections of the Inner Self

Available as a streamed video from our Video on Demand store on OUR EVENTS PAGE. This talk taken from the book Reflections of the Inner Self: Dream and Visions of Nature, Jan immerses you on a passage to moments of oneness.

Photography Experts is proud to work with award-winning photographers and up-and-coming artists from all over the world and to showcase exceptional photography. Our experts are some of the most gifted and inspirational visual artists working today. These celebrated, visual storytellers are admired for their artistic contribution to the photographic form as well as their technical brilliance, which has influenced and inspired photographers the world over. We work with them to give you an insight into their own journey, sharing their expertise and encouraging you to reach your creative potential. Contact us to enquire about a private booking.

Federico Veronesi

Chris Fallows

Albie Venter

David Tipling

Brendon Cremer

Chris Gomersall

Andy and Sarah Skinner

Tom Way

Alex Mustard

Nelis Wolmarans

Danny Green

Greg du Toit

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