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The Art of Wildlife Photography Parts II and III

The Art of Wildlife Photography Parts II and III

Tom Way

In response to many requests and in a continuation of the insight into The Art Of Wildlife Photography ,such a vast subject, Tom has created - Parts II and III allowing for much more detailed information to be imparted into the key componants of the genre. In the second of the series Tom speaks about his use of shutters speeds, creative use of aperture and his thoughts on ISO. He will discuss various composition techniques in relation to both taking compelling wildlife portraiture to incorporating the wider scene and the various tools and equipment he uses in the field to create his photographs.

In Part III Tom will present about how he sets out critiquing his own work and the various thought processes made in choosing the final photograph. He will give a broad overview into processing techniques, his justifications on black + white or colour as well as information on his choice of mediums in regards to print.


Booking Details

Presented on Zoom the live event will contain an added opportunity for Q&A sections as well as an additional 72hr post-event recording of the event that will only be made available to original registrants.

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