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Wild Dogs of Laikipia

Wild Dogs of Laikipia

Albie Venter

They are charismatic, altruistic, persistent, social, elusive, inquisitive and playful making them a Wildlife Photographers dream subject, they feature in almost all professional photographers new big 5.
Join Albie Venter and Dave Cox in a double-length presentation centering on the Wild Dogs of Laikipia
In an enthralling presentation, you will learn about the pack dynamics, their routines, the hierarchy and hunting techniques of one of the most successful hunters on the planet. Turning this fieldcraft then into obtain professional standard photographs by knowing what to expect and how to anticipate the shots and ultimately getting it right.
Learn more about this fabulous animal and Apex predator whilst getting practical knowledge of how some stunning images are captured.
Both Albie and Dave have had numerous encounters with the pack at Laikipia and across Africa, there will be specific advice on settings, post-processing tips and a special section on how to build a portfolio of images and tell the stories of these magnificent animals. You will also be introduced to the pitfalls of having your best images used and sometimes abused by social media platforms.
Photography Experts bring you the very best photographers who excel at their craft but also deliver a top-quality Web presentation that is as entertaining as it is informative. In each presentation the Expert not only shares their stunning imagery with you but the detail of where and how the image was taken, they will give you their own personal insights on composition and settings not available anywhere else in this format.


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