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The best image-makers in the business

Photographers with great stories ,great technique and unrivalled access in the music industry


How to Photograph a Woman

Photographing women requires attention to detail requiring attention to composition, directing and lighting, and how to use techniques that compliment the subject’s features, skin and body shape.


Slipknot - Dysfunctional Family Portraits

Ever wanted to know what it takes to work with the Biggest Artists on the Planet? Paul Harries knows...


Music Photography - Making it as a Professional

In this introduction to making it as a professional Music Photographer you will gain first-hand knowledge into what being a music photographer really means

Photography Experts is proud to work with award-winning photographers and up-and-coming artists from all over the world and to showcase exceptional photography. Our experts are some of the most gifted and inspirational visual artists working today. These celebrated, visual storytellers are admired for their artistic contribution to the photographic form as well as their technical brilliance, which has influenced and inspired photographers the world over. We work with them to give you an insight into their own journey, sharing their expertise and encouraging you to reach your creative potential. Contact us to enquire about a private booking.


Paul Harries


Tina Korhonen

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