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Slipknot - Dysfunctional Family Portraits

Slipknot - Dysfunctional Family Portraits

Paul Harries

Ever wanted to know what it takes to work with the Biggest Artists on the Planet? Paul Harries knows - he has been granted unparalleled access to many great artists in his career but is maybe best known for his work with the mighty Slipknot. Paul's images have been seen by millions and millions of their fans across the Globe and during this event he gives a very special insight to the band and his work with them. Revealing stories , settings and an insight into the band this is a great presentation for anyone interested in Music Photography.


Booking Details

Presented on Zoom the live event will contain an added opportunity for Q&A sections as well as an additional 72hr post-event recording of the event that will only be made available to original registrants.

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