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Wild Islands: The Nature of the Falklands

Mark Sisson

A fabulous photographic event on one of many photographers bucket list destinations The Falklands - Mark is a long-standing professional wildlife photographer whose work on the islands over the last decade has produced a stunning portfolio of images and wealth of knowledge of a location famed for the confiding nature of its wildlife , stunning scenery and epic light.

As a tour leader and owner of a photographic travel company Mark has travelled extensively to most of the photographic hotspots around the globe , but it is the Falkland Islands that has constantly drawn him back as he says it is “somewhere where photographic opportunities are only limited by your own creativity, imagination and the immense variation that light and weather can bring to any scene.”"


Presenting images and insights into the photography behind his very recently published book Wild Islands: The Nature of the Falklands produced in collaboration with Falklands Conservation, a non-governmental organisation working to protect the wildlife in the islands for future generations this is a great opportunity to see and hear from a professional building an acclaimed portfolio into a book that has a positive impact for its subjects.

We will journey around the islands to some of the more iconic locations as well the more inaccessible spots to get up close and personal with Albatross colonies, an array of Penguin species as well as some less glamorous but equally photogenic birds to be found here, many of which are reliant on the islands for their very existence such as the near threatened Striated Caracara. We’ll also spend time with some the marine mammals that the islands and their surrounding waters hold, such as Commerson’s Dolphins and the imposing Southern Elephant Seal.

As well as stunning images we will learn of the travel considerations and of course Mark's take on settings and recommended gear.

There will be a full Q&A session after the event and plenty opportunities to learn about the book Wild Islands: The Nature of the Falklands and its direct support for Falklands Conservation.

Attendance to this event is  complimentary  ALL registrants will receive a post-event recording to watch the presentation over again or if they have difficulties attending the live event.

20 January 2022 at 19:30:00

No Charge

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