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WAM - A Masterclass Reboot On Wide Angle Macro

Alex Mustard

Register for the Blur Masterclass and receive the recording of this past event free of charge (original cost £19.50) This was a full-on instructional teaching sessions for underwater photographers in his now hugely respected reboot style.

Alex’s first Reboot Extra is a deep dive into the techniques, equipment choices and field craft of Wide Angle Macro underwater. This event is a full in-depth teaching session in the reboot style being instructional, packed with information and practical tips.


The event was hugely  successful  - The original details were .... one hour of direct teaching, but as those who’ve done the Reboot course will know, that Alex is always very giving with his knowledge and will want to clear a little longer in their schedule! There will be ample time for a question and answer season following the presentations. Photographers who have been lucky enough to get a place on the first six reboot courses will have experienced the quality of Alex's teaching style and content , this is of the exact same content but for this event we welcome  all underwater photographers to attend.

“I am regularly asked what I think will be the next big thing in underwater photography,” says Alex, “the next technique or type of image that everyone will want to produce. Right now, my answer to that question is Wide Angle Macro. Or WAM a name that more accurately portrays the high impact images that this technique can produce.”

“WAM is an extreme form of CFWA, where we optimise our camera gear for extreme close up images, while still using our wide angle lenses. The technique bestows macro subjects with big animal charisma, revealing them with macro-like magnifications against a wide angle background. In other words, WAM places animals in their environment and the forced perspective makes the creature explode out from the image. The technique is highly suited to underwater photography and the last few years have seen exciting advances in camera equipment that allow us to push the boundaries even further.”

28 June 2021 at 19:30:00

Free when you register for the Blur Reboot

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