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Underwater Photographer’s Mindset

Alex Mustard

REBOOT EXTRA - As a special thank you for all those who have joined Alex on the hugely successful Reboot Masterclass course Alex is giving a special, free Reboot Webinar open only to Reboot Alumni. Registration is required for access to join live or to be able to watch the recording for free in the week following the event. This event will only be then available via the paid recordings archive to the wider diving community.

“Many factors combine to produce stunning underwater photos: such as equipment, settings, lighting and composition,” says Alex. “This talk focuses on another – the photographer’s mindset – examining how our planning, preparation and decisions, when we’re in the field and underwater, open up superior photographic opportunities. The aim of the talk is to help you better develop these skills, to improve your productivity in the field.”


“Underwater photographers  cannot usually change camera gear mid-dive, or switch location once  underwater! So selecting the right places to dive, visiting them at the  correct time and knowing what we’re after in terms of subjects and light  are especially critical steps to success in underwater photography.  Fortunately, there is much we can learn to predict pre-dive, from the  orientation of the site, the position of the sun, the sea conditions  and, of course, our previous knowledge of the location and its marine  life.”

Alex will use his Red Sea workshop from the end of  2021 as a case study, showing only images from that trip. Alex will  detail why the sites were chosen for the workshop group, how those  predictions held up underwater and what Alex actually shot on those  dives. The presentation is a chance to discuss important factors for  successful images that don’t usually come up in standard teaching. And  it will provide the chance to develop an understanding and an advantage  in an area that many photographers leave totally up to chance.

16 March 2022 at 19:00:00

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