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Under African Skies

Steve Gosling

If you have ever considered going on a safari and wondered what the experience might be like for the uninitiated, then this presentation is for you. And even if you are a seasoned wildlife photographer there will be interest we are sure (and hopefully some learning to be extracted too) from hearing about how a professional photographer, known for creating minimalist fine art images dealt with new challenges.

During this presentation, Steve will talk about his experience photographing the wildlife on a 10-day safari to Botswana. As someone who has been known to say, ‘if it breathes then I don’t photograph it’ you’ll hear how he approached the trials of tackling a new and unfamiliar subject.


 As a  photographer who usually photographs the landscape tripod-based in a  slow, methodical and purposeful way this experience forced him to operate out of his comfort zone, utilising totally different practices to capture spontaneous moments with lions, elephants, leopards, cheetahs and hippos.

Not only will Steve describe the challenges he faced  (from preparing for the trip to trying out new techniques whilst photographing out of a truck on bumpy dirt tracks), he will elaborate on how he tackled them  and what he learnt from the experience. 

But the most important part will be how he talks about the creative process he employed – from the taking of the photographs through to the processing of the final images. Steve will go into the shot selection , looking for images that tell a story and go beyond recording a fact in time. He will also celebrate on his final processing work flow that gave a final "feel" to the portfolio that he felt best represented creative memory of the trip.

We really do feel that by hearing  how  this experience pushed his creativity and helped  his  development as a photographer you too can adopt and incorporate the approach into your own trips wherever they may be in the world.

As ever the event will be recorded , there will be an extended re-watch period for all registrants of 7 days and of course there will be a full live Q&A session on the night.

24 May 2022 at 18:30:00


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