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Time and Tide: Photographing the Rhythms of the Ocean

Rachael Talibart

The ocean and the coast it carves are wonderfully dynamic things to photograph, but they can also be very challenging subjects. In this talk, specialist fine art coastal photographer, Rachael Talibart, will share her approach with plenty of practical and creative tips for making the most of coastal locations.

Rachael is particularly interested in the creative aspects of photography, so she will encourage you to think outside the box and challenge some common photographic assumptions.


Time and tide, wait for none, is a well-known adage that emphasizes the importance of time and hence encourages us to make the most of it. 

In this new presentation, Rachael delves into the subject for which she is so widely acclaimed, photographing the ocean's rhythms.

Expect, as ever, with one of Rachael's presentations clear and unambiguous advice that mixes the very practical with the ethereal art and emotion an image can convey.

The presentation is recommended to all creative photographers regardless of their preferred genre.

The event will be recorded, and the link will remain available live and shared with all registrants for 30 days after the live event. There will be no further access to this special event so please register even if you cannot make the live event.

As ever, Rachael will be available to answer questions live on the night recordings, she is so giving of her knowledge please do take full advantage of the opportunity.

A selection of past creative recordings from fellow Photography Experts presentations will be made available to view at the registration price.

27 September 2023 at 18:30:00


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