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The Pantanal - Two-Part Special

Sebastiaan van der Greef

Jan van der Greef

The Pantanal is the world’s largest tropical wetland with an extreme diversity of wildlife making it high on the list of must-see destinations for Wildlife Photographers and Nature lovers. In this Two-part special Jan explores the diversity of opportunities and then we get an extensive update on travelling to the region and the current situation in the area from Sebastiaan.

The Pantenal region is home to 95 species of mammals, 165 species of reptiles, 263 fish species and 665 species of birds and of course, sitting right at the top of the list of target species to photograph; the elusive jaguar.


This is an extra special look at what the Pantanal offers broken down into two parts on the evening.

In part, I: Jan van der Greef, sets the scene with a backdrop to the ecosystem what to expect while searching for the elusive Jaguar,  hyacinth macaw and giant river otters. Jan explores the photographic opportunities to capture dynamic images of the area's mammals, reptiles and birds.  He will also share how recently developed, easily accessible,  artificial intelligence software helped him to rescue low-quality images of a rare encounter with a puma (cougar), something for us all to consider what gems lurk in our own archives that can be re-visited and enhanced.

In part II: We get a current, informative, realistic, boots on the ground insight into the Pantanal presented by Sebastiaan van der  Greef. Sebastiaan, a great photographer in his own right, has visited and been professionally associated in the Pantanal with many leading photographers, local tour operators, conservationists and Jaguar experts for the last seven years. He will explain where to go, when to go, what to expect, what to be aware of and shares tips and tricks to make any visit there a successful one. 

Sebastiaan will also share some stunning recent images of Jaguars hunting on Capybara, Cayman and Giant River Otters as well as other extraordinary encounters with some of the amazing wildlife to be found there. 

The Pantanal has been in the news through reports of extensive fire and now floods, it will be important to get the true and honest update  - which is actually far better than many fear - from Sebastiaan to allow potential travellers to make informed decisions. 

This will be a longer presentation packed with images and insight and, of course, a full Q&A session at the end we will be extending the post-event viewing of the recording to 7 days to allow multiple re-watches of this great event.

28 February 2022 at 19:00:00


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