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The Magic of Zambia - Save The Day

Andy Parkinson

As a photographer, Andy always seeks the very best light and in his own word he's been "blown away" by what Zambia has to offer, in a feature-length session Andy will give an insight into the country has to offer Photographers and why the very best light is everything. Zambia might not be the first country on a list of most people’s must-visit African nations, but it certainly should be.

Whilst some East African countries like Kenya and Tanzania are famed for their vast animal migrations Zambia’s strength is in its species diversity, and the exquisite beauty of the landscape in which the animals can be found.


Whilst the evening is destination, or rather country focussed it is still very much aimed at WIldlife Photographers , with lots of details of shot composition and settings.

But back to Zambia in Andy's words "With a mixture of  riverine habitats, forested lakes and open plains every encounter is as  unique as the species that were likely encountered. Endemics such as  Crawshay’s Zebra, Thornicroft’s giraffe are found only in South Luangwa,  and it’s also a stronghold for rarities like puku. South Luangwa is  also one of the best places on Earth to encounter leopards and now with  at least 7 packs of African wild dogs this critically endangered species  are both thriving, and readily encountered".

All Photographers who lead Photographic tours are under pressure for the destination to perform and again   Andy extols the quality of opportunities that Luangwa especially allows him to unlock for his guests and it is the opportunity coupled with  

Another vital aspect that should make  this country such a draw is the quality of light. In Kenya, as an  example, a huge escarpment that runs the length of the Mara means that  evening light is cut off before it reaches the horizon, but no such  issue exists in Luangwa. Here the flat topography of the Luangwa  floodplain means that photographers get to enjoy both exquisite morning and  evening light, and the spectacular images that inevitably result. 

This will be a full evening of insight with a detailed Q&A session and  with Andy’s  exceptional imagery you may very well find Zambia on your must-see destination list.

The event will be recorded and made available to registrants for 1 month after the live presentation.

26 September 2022 at 18:30:00


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