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The Big Switch Now on Catch Up

Alex Mustard

The recording of this great event is now available on catch up

Join Alex for a detailed and honest presentation about the Pros and Cons of switching to full frame mirrorless cameras for underwater photography. The session is aimed primarily at existing SLR photographers considering upgrading to a new camera.

Although, the event will focus on switching to mirrorless, there will be plenty of valuable content for existing users and we will be opening up the session for existing users to share their experiences and opinions in an interactive session.

Alex Mustard: The Big Switch
The live event is scheduled for 90 minutes, based around a 45 minute presentation, followed by a 45 minute Q&A and discussion.


 Even if you cannot make the live event we recommend  booking via this link to ensure  unlimited  access to the  recording for one month, as well as  a free bonus of access, for the same period, to Alex’s  popular talk Reboot On Blur.

From Alex himself 

“2023  is the year! For the last few years, mirrorless cameras have clearly been the most capable choice for land photography. However,  recent months have brought the introduction of some major new models that mean that underwater SLR photographers can no longer simply content  themselves that they are shooting the best. Perhaps more persuasive, is  that these very latest mirrorless cameras are the first that I enjoy  taking underwater pictures with more than my SLRs. It is time for  underwater photographers to pay attention to the advantages of full  frame mirrorless!”

“That  said, underwater photography exposes several specific areas of weakness  in mirrorless cameras that land-based reviewers never consider. And it  is essentially to weigh these up when considering the big switch. Areas  of concern include changing from optical SLR viewfinder to an electronic  viewfinder (EVF); the higher battery demands of mirrorless; the changes  in flash performance especially with electronic shutter models;  sensor-based AF performance in the monochromatic underwater world;  limited lens choice; and some reduced compatibility with important  accessories, like Nauticam’s water corrected optics. For us, camera  upgrades are expensive, because a new camera also means a new housing,  and probably some lenses too. I hope this webinar will pay you back many  times by helping you make a smart new investment, or to realise that  your current camera is still exactly what you still need.”

We’re  bombarded with the message that new is always best from manufacturers  and retailers. Naturally, the photography industry wants us to switch  because it will drive sales in cameras, lenses, housings and more. As  such balanced, honest opinions about mirrorless can get a little lost in  the marketing hype and the evangelistic opinions of converts. Alex’s  presentation is not intended to make you switch, nor will it favour any  specific brand. The big three brands for full frame mirrorless: Canon,  Nikon and Sony, all have quality products, any of which could be the  right choice for you. This talk will leave you better placed to decide  for yourself what to buy and what other purchases are needed to complete  the system.

Alex  was an early adopter of mirrorless cameras. In 2012 he took the first underwater mirrorless camera photo awarded in the Wildlife Photographer  of the Year contest, which was also the first mirrorless camera picture  above or below water to win in that contest. But Alex continued to use  SLRs as his main cameras for the next decade, maintaining mirrorless  systems only for specific shoots. That all changed this year. Alex will  briefly cover the reasons why he is currently shooting Sony mirrorless,  but the true aim of this session is to help you choose the right system  for you.

The decision to change cameras and systems is both costly and often filled with trepidation, having access to Alex's carefully considered opinions will be , we feel, incredibly valuable and re-assuring to many.

1 November 2023 at 19:30:00


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