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Special Event - Mana Pools - One Event two great Presenters

Chris Fallows

On Thursday, June 10th we are pleased to host a fabulous online event with Top Photographers Chris Fallows, Nick Dyer and other special guests on the world-renowned Mana Pools presenting stunning images and insight into the iconic species that make this special place home. All proceeds from this event will go to support the much-needed conservation work on the ground undertaken by the Zambezi Elephant Fund and The Painted Wolf Foundation.

Mana Pool is a photographer paradise, a place that draws Chris back time and time again, it is also the place from where Nick gained worldwide recognition for his incredible work with the resident Wild Dogs.


This will be a fabulous event where each photographer will give an insight into the species and photographic considerations, woven into an understanding of the environment and some of the challenges faced at this moment.

Mana Pools has evocative light and scenery if poses photographic challenges just creates some of the most iconic images. Both Nick and Chris will give detailed backgrounds to their work in Mana and showcase some of their wonderful images.

If you want to learn about this wonderful place, if you love to see and hear great photographers speak with passion or if you want a couple of hours of entertainment while supporting two hard working NGO's we would love your company.

10 June 2021 at 18:30:00


Booking Details

All registrant get a recording rewatch

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