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Shooting Svalbard Special Technical Masterclass

Roy Mangersnes

This is a very special photographic event on 'Shooting Svalbard' , designed to be technical and thought-provoking in not just the details of camera settings and composition but post-processing too.

This is of Masterclass standard , aimed at those who are interested in photographing the landscape and wildlife of Svalbard or in snow and ice conditions anywhere in the world.


This will be a much more in-depth photographic event, limited to smaller numbers where much more interaction, questions and answers are encouraged. Clearly shooting from boats, zodiacs or on land in extreme conditions need careful preparation and Roy's intimate knowledge of the Svalbard Archipelago and its inhabitants are going to be hugely beneficial to all photographers.

We will take your questions on the night and also pre-submitted detailed questions via email to

Registrants will get extended opportunities to watch the recording over a longer period of time as well as link all of Roy's previous events  - his Svalbard Keynote presentation as well as his epic event on Antarctica making it great value for money.

13 October 2021 at 18:30:00


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