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Shock, awe and mystery: Photographing the ‘Sublime’

Rachael Talibart

The ‘Sublime’ is a tradition in art that goes back centuries. It is a form of beauty that includes an element of fear, the thrill that comes from being confronted by something so huge, strange or different that we struggle to find a reference point for it in our own experience.

As outdoor photographers, we are well placed to capture sublime photographs because our usual subjects are the very natural wonders that inspired early writers about the Sublime.


If we are lucky enough to encounter dramatic landscape light, we’ll be well on our way  to making sublime photographs, but creating photographs that endure beyond the first ‘awesome!’ on social media usually requires more than  an accurate record of an epic subject. In this new talk, Rachael will explore the concept of the Sublime and how we might engage with it in  our photography. As usual, inspirational ideas will be married with practical tips that you can apply in your own photography.

Photography Experts is thrilled to host once again a brand new and original presentation by the wonderful Rachael Talibart.

Rachael's presentation draws a worldwide audience both live on the night and through the catch-up recording that is made available for all registrants; the events inevitably run over time, such as the interest in the post-presentation question-and-answer session that Rachael holds.

These are an excellent learning opportunity and a great source of inspiration and creativity.

For those new to these events, you are invited to attend the live presentation and pose questions on the night to Rachael. The presentation is delivered on Zoom, you do not need a paid subscription to enjoy hearing from Rachael.

If you cannot attend on the night, please register. A recording of the event will be sent for you to watch and enjoy, and you will have unlimited viewings for a month after the live broadcast.

2 July 2024 at 18:30:00


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