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Shem Compion

A creative, though provoking approach to photographic projects and Tours

We are in the process of curating whith Shem a special event that combines creative indeas with


We will discuss how I  transitioned from a pure wildlife photographer into a cultural and  wildlife photographer which led to exploring more of the remote areas in  Africa. When I met Art Wolfe in 2012, his one comment stuck with me. He  said that as an artist, one should “never have any prejudice” for your  subjects. I noticed it in his approach. he photographs any subject  matter. If it attracts his photographic eye o intrigues his mind, he is  onto it in a flash. The result is an incredible repertoire of skills  that you develop, which translates into a diverse portfolio of images.

As  such, I followed that maxim and a whole new world of skills opened up  to me, as well as interest. One of these has been the remote cultures of  Africa. Going from a pure wildlife photographer building hides in  Mashatu through to Turkana expeditions in Northern Kenya is a massive  transitions. Yet I have grown as a photographer and being able to share  this with guests whilst on safari is something I hold dear. Its the  intrepids which come on these journeys and the images they gain are far  from the norm: They are standouts! Such is life on an expedition.

9 March 2023 at 19:00:00


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