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Recording Now Available - Patagonia

Max Waugh

Journey on a photographic expedition to a land full of epic scenery and amazing animals - Patagonia. A stunning new destination for the Photography Experts platform to showcase with an exceptional photographer and guide Max Waugh.

This is a detailed presentation focussing on the wildlife and stunning scenery interspersed with practical photographic considerations as well as travle advice from a seasoned traveller.


The Recording of this event can now be found here

The presentation will appeal to all photographers, Max is very giving of his knowledge and insights so you will have many "take away tips" to integrate into your photography even if Patagonia is not just on your radar.

For the more adventurous Patagonia is certainly appearing on more people's bucket list destinations, Max will showcase stunning images, their background settings and give them a truthful account of what any traveller can expect when journeying to this stunning land.

As ever the event is recorded, we give an extended period for all to watch the event over again as well as including bonus material.

We are really looking forward to our South American sojourn with Max and hope you can join us too.

25 November 2023 at 19:00:00


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