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Puffins: Life On The Atlantic Edge

Kev Morgans

Photography Experts are pleased to bring a full evening of everything Puffin by one of the most acclaimed Photographers of this charming and enigmatic subject - Kev Morgans. Seabirds and Puffins especially are under enormous threat and we will learn of their plight and hopes for the future but as photographic subjects, the confiding Puffin is always a joy to work with.

Opening up his vast award-winner catalogue Kev will give the background to images and detail settings and techniques to get the very best from any opportunity you may have.
Kev is a very enthusiastic and engaging photographer his love of this subject and wish to share his knowledge will make for a great evening.


Kev recalls the start of his love affair with photographing Puffins..

"On the beautiful isle of Skomer, I had my first encounter with the Atlantic puffin in what proved to be the beginning of my relationship with these endearing creatures. The long drive to south Wales ended at a small jetty where I packed my bags onto the ferry, unaware that my life was about to change for the better. As we approached the island, I began to see flurries of wings as puffins, razorbills, and guillemots bobbed on the waves and soared in all directions. The puffins at sea, unmistakable with their black and white plumage and brightly-colored beaks, captured my heart as a species, but only on land did I begin to appreciate their individual characteristics. Their inquisitive nature and signature walk were the unique traits that, combined with the adventure of exploring remote islands, ignited my passion to document their lives.

These early experiences inspired me to follow the road I walk today. Each summer I make an annual pilgrimage to the Shetland archipelago and Fair Isle. Truly breath-taking, with wild seascapes and rugged cliffs, these islands are home to countless breeds of seabird

Sitting atop a cliff among the seabird colonies, despite all the frantic commotion, I experience a deep sense of calm and the world’s issues fade away. Watching the birds glide effortlessly over the sea, I feel at home. Perhaps it is those childhood memories of the Wirral, dreaming of what lies over the horizon, but at that moment, everything feels simply, inexplicably, in balance and right.

My passion for the Atlantic puffin means it is more than just a photographic project to me. After years spent recording and documenting their lives, my reputation has become entwined with them and their uncertain future. Sadly, our seabird numbers are declining due to overfishing, pollution, and climate change. Puffins are now listed as vulnerable, but we are not without hope. If we can change our attitudes towards overfishing and greenhouse emissions, we may be able to preserve the colonies for their own sake, for human generations to come, and for the ecological health of our world. Saving our seabirds and their habitats is now one of my great passions in life.

My hope is that, through my imagery, the charm and worth of our seabird populations will become celebrated beyond the communities of naturalists and birdwatchers. that their future will become, against current expectations, ever more assured."

The event will be recorded and all registrants will be sent a link to re-watch.

There will be a detailed Question and Answer session plus some added bonus offers on the night.

22 September 2022 at 18:30:00


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