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Polar Bears and Humans - The power of the Image

Ole J Liodden

Join us for a truly spectacular visual presentation into the real challenges faced by the Iconic Polar Bear an Apex Predator, top of the bucket list for many wildlife photographers and one where images can help the survival of this species.

Most of the Polar bear conservation projects today are only focusing on climate change and global warming. It is very important to protect the Arctic environment to secure the ecosystem with drifting ice for Arctic animals, but it is also important to protect the animals themselves. Polar bears have become the main symbol for global warming, and big conservation campaigns are published with images of polar bears. Human removals (killing) of polar bears are rarely mentioned in these campaigns at all.


Ole is an exceptional photographer with a powerful message, he challenges the  big problem when working  with polar bear conservation  that information about polar  bear hunting is hidden, very limited, only available for shorter periods  or only referred to as “sustainable” without any concerns. 

Many people have strong feelings about polar bears, hunting, native people rights and climate  change issues. It is politically incorrect to question the Inuit or the polar bear management – especially questioning definitions like.

This photo-rich presentation will give great insights into capturing images that tell stories and have powerful messages to convey.

A must for photographers looking to learn how make their images influence the way people see the natural world.

25 November 2021 at 19:30:00


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