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Past event Image Creation and Processing Masterclass with Gurcharan

Gurcharan Roopra

Find the recording of this great event in our recordings library .
An incredibly detailed insight into how Gurcharan captures AND Processes his amazing images. Join us a we get a processing and image creation Masterclass.

In the second presentation for Photography Experts Gurcharan will dive into Image Processing, revealing his method of work and the tools he uses to take the RAW files to the epic images he is well known for.


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A reminder before we detail the event synopsis  - This and All our events are recorded with a link sent to registrants to watch the recording over an extended period, we also include for registrants 2 past recordings from our archives .

Gurcharan is well known for creating epic images, and he will elaborate on two areas he is especially famed for extremely low angles and shots from the air - this will prove fascinating for all photographers looking to create something different and special, BUT there's a big added bonus he will be running through his processing techniques in depth giving a great insight into what can be extracted from a RAW file.

Processing is a huge topic and one that is rarely shared by Top photographers so we a grateful to Gucharan for being so giving of his knowledge. This will not be a basic 'How to' use lightroom rather, taking the captured file to its final, very best published version, as such it will appeal to all photographers regardless of which editing program they use.

Expect a full length presentation with many great tips , an event to watch many times over.

9 December 2023 at 19:00:00


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