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Out in the wild - South Africa

Jan van der Greef

Jan gives an epic presentation on photographic opportunities across the magical and diverse landscapes of South Africa and features some of the more unique and often overlooked species to create wonderfully, evocative artful images.

To complement the presentation, we will be offering all registrants the opportunity to watch the wonderful and award-winning Greg du Toit's event "Big Cats of Southern Africa". Jan will, of course, feature Big Cats in his presentation, but he really wanted to show the huge photographic potential of the other species you will find there.


Expect to see Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs mixed in with Dolphins and Penguins, Secretary Birds and Martial Eagles, Jan will also go in search of nocturnal specials like Aarwolf and Aarvark.

South Africa is a country with great infrastructure that gives the photographer an affordable a,nd relatively easy way to discover its great biodiversity Jan will as always give insights into travelling around his traditional wildlife images crisp and sharp alongside the more creative emotional style images he is famed for.

The event will be recorded, and viewing extended of both recordings included in this special package.

13 June 2022 at 18:00:00


Booking Details

19.00 UK 20.00 CET

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