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Mother - The Making of a Photo Book

Marsel van Oosten

This is a highly recommended event for all photographers to attend regardless of their favoured subject matter. The curation and production of any book , exhibition project or competition submission requires far more consideration, technical and commercial information that is generally available. Marsel will be guiding us through the process, addressing the considerations and sharing his wealth of knowledge.

Achieving success with your work requires not only a level of objectivity but , as in photography itself there are 'rules' that greatly enhance the success of the image or project Marsel with his advertising background and successful photography career will be giving all the inside information for your own success.


Those who joined Marsel's 'Introspection" event will have witnessed the level of detail he applies to his work and that he holds nothing back when sharing. This is a unique chance to get an unprecedented level of information that you can apply to your own projects.

Marsel will also go into considerations of social media, website content and image selection to help build a style identity of our own.

Photography Experts bring you the very best photographers who excel at their craft but also deliver a top-quality Web presentation that is as entertaining as it is informative. In each presentation the Expert not only shares their stunning imagery with you but the detail of where and how the image was taken, they will give you their own personal insights on composition and settings not available anywhere else in this format. We seriously recommend registration and participation in the live event for the chance to ask questions directly yourself or listen to the answers they give to other participants. 

Only registrants to the live event will have access to the Q&A content as well as being given a 72-hour post-event streaming of the event, so even if for some reason you are unable to attend you still get to see the full event. Recordings are made available at a future date but without premium content.

12 December 2021 at 19:00:00


Booking Details

7.00pm uk 8.00pm CET 9.00pm SA

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