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Matt Maran - Urban Wildlife Photography Special

Matt Maran

We are really pleased to have Matt Maran return to give a special event focusing on Urban Wildlife Photography, a genre accessible to all and growing in popularity. Urban WIldlife images feature more and more in all the major photographic competitions. Matt will give an insight into his work and career and focus on shooting images with strong conservation messages. We will of course hope to get further updates and content on the fabulous Fox projects he has been working on with Andy Parkinson and Neil Aldridge.

What can we expect on the evening, well Matt has kindly outlined some of the things he would like to include in his presentation, it will certainly be educational, informative and interesting we know it will be a great event full of great content... in Matt's words, he will be covering.....

  1. Beauty can be found locally, wherever you live  and how to recognise it

  2. With your Photography - Do  it for the love/passion, it’s very tricky to make a good living so  taking away stress is important when focusing on creativity.

  3. Using Hampstead Heath as a backdrop.. Urban wildlife: such as kestrels, great crested grebes

  4. There had to be Foxes  - how to target a local subject that is accessible (walking distance) and  returning over and over to produce a huge body of work

  5. Filming - importance of diversifying content for creative and commercial reasons

  6. So  what’s the point? To tell stories, tell the truth, educate people about  wildlife on their doorsteps, helping them to understand and ultimately  care. If we are to change hearts and minds I believe its important to  start at home rather than donating to causes from far flung places we  have no true understanding of ( Matt is certainly not criticising global organisations  here, just simply  wanting people to get connected locally)

There will be a full Q&A session at the end, the recording will be available for 7 days and bonus recordings will be sent to all registrants

8 June 2022 at 18:30:00


Booking Details

Full details coming soon

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