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Introducing Steve and Ann Toon

Steve & Ann Toon

Former news reporters and magazine editors Steve and Ann Toon switched from journalism to professional wildlife photography following a life-changing visit to the Kalahari. In this fascinating introductory overview of their work the Toons showcase how their passion for the wildlife and wild places of southern Africa – together with their nose for a good story - have fuelled a thrilling and successful second career.

Steve and Ann are a UK-based, husband and wife team of award-winning wildlife photographers. Although their home is in the UK’s Northumberland National Park you’re just as likely to come across them in the national parks and game reserves of Southern Africa, where they spend several months each year photographing and leading photographic tours.


Their work  is represented by several leading photographic agencies, and as former  journalists, Ann and Steve specialise in providing complete packages of  images and words for a wide range of editorial clients worldwide, on  topics as diverse as photography, natural history, conservation and  travel.  The Toons have also won several photography awards, including  an IUCN conservation photography prize, and to date have had three books  published. They have an abiding interest in the wider issues around  wildlife conservation and, where they can, use their journalistic and  photographic skills to explore and raise awareness of the complex issues  affecting wildlife today.

In recent years Ann and Steve  have started leading specialist photography tours to share their  passion for Africa and extensive expertise of it's wildlife – large and  small. They are also increasingly concerned these days in developing a  more expressive approach to their wildlife photography to reframe and  refocus the pressing conservation debate.

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12 May 2021 at 18:30:00


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