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Hide Photography Two

Jan van der Greef

This event can be enjoyed as a standalone presentation but is certainly recommended as part of a two-part package. Jan brings his photographic creativity to the increasingly popular way to get stunning images of either shy animals and birds photographing from a hide!

Following on from the first presentation Jan turns his attention to some of Europe's more famous hides again giving photographic and logistical insights into travelling to and photographing some stunning subjects.


We will journey to the Boreal forests of Finland and in particular Kuhmo famous for bears, wolves and the elusive wolverine comparing and contrasting the type of images that can be gained in both summer and winter conditions.  Still in Finland Jan targets the magnificent Ospreys of Pohiolahti.

We then move two separate destinations in Spain firstly Lleida,  for the Little Bustard and then to Andujar for the stunning and rare  Iberian lynx.

Again by detailing the approach Jan uses to each new hide set up and the specific challenges the subject pose we gain great ideas that can be adapted to any hide scenario.

The recordings of both events will be sent to all registrants and will be viewable for an extended period (7 days )to allow those watching both sessions again and again to absorb all the tips.

This events is bookable in combination with hide photography two for a special price of £13.50  via this link  - 

or at the regular price for the single event of £9.50 via the booking link below.

29 November 2021 at 19:00:00


Booking Details

Event starts 19.00 UK London 20.00 CET

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