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Hide Photography Special -Register and Get enrolled on Session 2 for free

Jan van der Greef

Enrol on this event and get automatically registered onto Jan's second hide presentation on 29th November. Photographing from hides is an increasingly popular way to get stunning images of either shy animals and birds or ones we as photographers should not be so close to! But the drawback for many is creating an original image from a scene photographed by many.

In this presentation, Jan van der Greef has set out to use the creativity he is renowned for and applied it to fixed hide locations , with the ideas and inspirations transferrable to any hide setting and subject Jan uses the world-famous hides developed by Bence Matte for this event.


Bence Máté set up his now legendary hides pioneering the  one-way glass photography technique on  his farm in Pusztaszer, Hungary. Jan, as always will give informative details of the logistics of getting to these hides with interesting local information but it is the photographic opportunities he will be concentrating on.

The hides provide dramatic eye-level photographic opportunities of Herons, Storks many other waterfowl and Otters but faced with these opportunities Jan looks at how thinking creatively can build an impressive portfolio different from others and gives a blueprint you can apply to similar situations.

The presentation also features some of the other hides in the area notable the Little Bee-eaters and Hoopoe again giving opportunities for a mix of sharp images and processing ideas.

The recordings of both events will be sent to all registrants and will be viewable for an extended period (7 days )to allow those watching both sessions again and again to absorb all the tips.

22 November 2021 at 19:00:00


Booking Details

Event starts 19.00 UK London 20.00 CET

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