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Great Complimentary Event Gurcharan Roopra

Gurcharan Roopra

Photography Experts have long admired the work of Gurcharan Roopra , the compositions and angles of his images always wow the viewer and speaking with him recently we really knew our audience would enjoy meeting him and appreciating his work.

Gurcharan is incredibly engaging , very quick to smile and passionate about his images and his appreciation of the natural world around him. He is also a great innovator and listening to his approach will help you develop as a photographer yourself.


Highly Recommended  - We are pleased to host this Complimentary Event to meet Gurcharan  and find out more about his process for creating award-winning images. 

Gurcharan or "Guch" to friends was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. The serene environs of  his native place left a lasting impact and he became attracted to nature  at an early age. After graduating in automotive engineering, Gurcharan  lived and worked in the UK for ten years where he sorely missed the  space and freedom of the bush. By 2012 he made up his mind and returned  to Kenya for good.

Return  to the bush coincided with him developing an interest in photography.  What started off as a hobby took deep roots in his mind and soon his  life started revolving around wildlife and nature photography. Time and  the bush were great mentors where he developed and honed his skills to  become one of the most noted nature photographers in Africa.

The  more time Gurcharan spent in nature, the more passionate he has become  towards Mother Earth and the many fellow beings on it. He is committed  to the cause of a pristine earth and has devoted his time and energy to  many conservation causes in Kenya. He is happy for the fact that his  images have come useful for many conservation projects. 

This event is Complimentary to all those who register and recording will be sent out post the live event.

Look forward to a great insight into

  • Telephoto shots

  • Wide angle shots

  • Monopod shots

  • Low Level Gadget shots

  • Aerial Photography

26 October 2022 at 18:00:00

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