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Finding Your Voice

Chris Gomersall

Strive to become the original artist, not just the tribute act.

Chris has specially curated this event to stimulate Photographers looking to find their voice and style through their concern with wildlife and nature photography.

Chris Gomersall has enjoyed a long and distinguished career at the top of Wildlife Photography. Those who followed his career will know that he spent much of that time working with the RSPB, where he worked to a strict brief on the images he captured.


As his career evolved, Chris used the opportunity to work on projects, producing images in his unique and personal style, and he has found his real photographic voice. This brand new presentation invites and inspires you to become more of an original artist, not just the tribute act. 

This event is a full showcase presentation and forms the basis of a fabulous opportunity to engage with Chris in a personal masterclass series concerned with ideas in wildlife and nature photography, rather than the mechanics of it. It is for those who have already achieved a reasonable level of technical competence. Chris will extrapolate some of the themes first explored in his 2012 book "Wildlife Photographer - a Course in Creative Photography", promoting the pursuit of originality and innovation. As an overview, this presentation will be of great interest, challenge your thinking, and inspire you to develop your style. 

Chris will use his own body of work and refer to the history of art, other genres of photography, and some critical thinkers' views. We'll consider the current status of wildlife photography, how it has changed, and where we might be heading - accepting the inevitability of influence and inspiration whilst guarding against plagiarism. This event will naturally lead to exploring "The Vision Thing", learning to see and train ourselves to translate complex three-dimensional scenes into compelling two-dimensional pictures and examining ideas around natural design, visualisation, abstraction, and metaphor and getting into the soul of the subject. As Chris says, "Expressing yourself. By definition, there can be no recipe book for creativity and innovation."

Photography Experts brings you the very best photographers who excel at their craft and deliver a top-quality Web presentation that is as entertaining as it is informative. In each presentation, they share their stunning photography and the details of where and how they captured those images, sharing with you about how light fearlessly, gear up with purpose and compose artfully. 

Only registrants to the live event will have access to the Q&A content as well as a 72-hour post-event streaming of the event, so even if for some reason you are unable to attend, you still get to see the full event.

17 March 2021 at 19:30:00


Booking Details

7.30 pm start via Zoom

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