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Evolution of beauty and wholeness, rethinking Darwin

Jan van der Greef

Join Jan for his presentation "Evolution of beauty and wholeness, rethinking Darwin" a fascinating and inspiring presentation combining searching for, and photographing, evocative subjects in remote jungles

In a brand new presentation, Jan has combined his acclaimed thought-provoking approach to the world with a wonderful travelogue and photographic presentation exploring the role of "Beauty and Connection" in nature. This photographic thread follows Jan while traveling through China and Sumatra searching for unique members of the pheasant family among them the legendary Great Argus. Referencing Darwin and some of his more refined ideas about evolution that are often not realized by many, Jan shares breathtaking images, detailing their composition and technical execution and how the resulting images give new insights into life. Photographically this presents the audience with inspiration to seek and develop a subject or theme personal to them, to look to create a new and different approach to building a portfolio rather than following the crowd or replicating others. The presentation will appeal to photographers, travelers, those interested in the connectivity of the natural world, followers of Jan's philosophies, and importantly those with an inquisitive approach to life. Photography Experts bring you the very best photographers who excel at their craft but also deliver a top-quality Web presentation that is as entertaining as it is informative. In each presentation the Expert not only shares their stunning imagery with you but the detail of where and how the image was taken, they will give you their own personal insights on composition and settings not available anywhere else in this format. Only registrants to the live event will have access to the Q&A content as well as being given a 72 hour post event streaming of the event, so even if for some reason you are unable to attend you still get to see the full event.

2 November 2020 at 18:30:00


Booking Details

Note - Event Start 7.30 PM CET AMSTERDAM 6.30 PM UK. Presented on Zoom Included in your registration will be a post-event recording available for 72 hrs to watch at your leisure.

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