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Creating Wonderful Abstract Imagery - Recording Available

Rachael Talibart

The fabulous Rachael Talibart presented "Creating abstract and Intimate images". recently , this fabulous presentation is now available on catch up.

In this talk, Rachael shared her approach to making abstract and detail photographs, with lots of examples from her own portfolio and plenty of tips, both creative and technical.


find the recording here

The  landscape is a wonderfully dynamic place to make photographs. Lofty  mountains looming over the plains, storm waves breaking against craggy  cliffs, light rays glancing through a misty woodland - these are all  rewarding subjects. Yet, there is a wealth of equally beguiling, though  perhaps less obvious, material if we also pay attention to the details  or to the potential for abstraction in the landscape’s many colours,  shapes and textures.  Once we start to notice these possibilities, we’ll  always be able to find something to shoot even if we are cursed with  boring skies. However, to create truly powerful images of this sort,  perhaps we need to stop thinking of them as a consolation prize for when  the light is poor and instead start to see them as the main event.

This talk is a must for all photographers no matter what subject they specialise in , acquiring the eye for Abstract opportunities helps create stand out work.

As a special reward for registrants, we will be including two bonus complimentary recordings from our archives to further push your creative thinking.

1 July 2023 at 18:30:00


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