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Capturing Compelling and Award-Winning Wildlife Images

Andy Parkinson

Andy Parkinson gives a comprehensive and detailed insight into how leading, award-winning professionals produce the images that they do. Using a case study of his recent November 2021 trip to the Mara North Conservancy he will share with you his entire process, and what you can do to maximise your chances of returning home from a photography trip with genuinely great images.

Join National Geographic contributing photographer, and Nikon Europe ambassador, Andy Parkinson as he gives a detailed insight into gaining the very best results from a photographic trip.


This will be an incredibly comprehensive event, likely much longer than normal, as Andy breaks down  his most recent trip to the fabulous Mara North Conservancy. Creating exceptional opportunities is only the first part of the challenge on any  trip, the important bit comes with ensuring that his guests get to maximise, to execute each moment to the best of their, and their equipment’s potential.

Light, perspective, composition or behaviour. In every encounter there are potentially myriad different options with which photographers are confronted so Andy will break down how he streamlines his thought process, focusses in on the strengths of  the opportunities, and shoots to exclude the weaknesses. So much of  wildlife photography is about margins, the tiny differences between a  good and a great shot and here Andy will detail exactly what you should  consider as you strive to create your own stunning imagery!

Andy,  by his own admission, will concede that he is probably best known for  his portfolios of British Wildlife, species like foxes, badgers,  mountain hares or swans. It could also be the bears of Kamchatka or the  tigers of Bandhavgargh but Africa certainly does not come to mind when  you think of Andy’s work! Travelling to the Mara for the first time in several years Andy certainly felt a little pressure to deliver for the many avid followers of his work.

Using the techniques and mindset he approaches every subject with, that is a relentless attention to detail, the marginal gains from slight changes in perspective or ensuring that the fall of light is the best that it  can be, his empathetic approach ensures that the subjects are always comfortable and uncrowded, free to display natural, relaxed behaviour.  These images will demonstrate the value of his considered approach and  illustrate why he is one of Europe’s most awarded photographers.

Expect  to see wonderful lions, leopards, hyenas, cheetah and many more all  captured in Andy's style. There will be particular emphasis on why using particular focal lengths in certain situations is so important,  ensuring that in every encounter you’ll have the tools and the knowledge to make the right decisions.

There will be a very strong teaching element to this presentation, backed up with practical considerations and recommendations of what to look for when choosing not only trips, but guides as well, so that your photography, your best interests as the paying guests are ALWAYS put first! 

Andy is really  proud of the many and varied images that he was able to produce on this astonishing trip and is looking forward to sharing his images with you,  even the ones that he’s keeping hidden away for competitions, the ones that he won’t be sharing on Social Media any time soon!

Because  there will be so much to take in both Photography Experts and Andy agreed that we should extend the re-watch time to 7 days. This is for all registrants so even if you cannot make the event live you will get ample time to watch it several times over. Those who do attend live will have the wonderful opportunity to pose questions to Andy in an extended Q&A  session.

23 January 2022 at 19:30:00


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