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Antartica - Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula

Roy Mangersnes

High on many photographers bucket list destinations is Antarctica - the incredible scenery and iconic wildlife make for some of the compelling images wildlife images seen. Journey to this remote part of the globe with Roy Mangersnes ,a true expert on the area and all it's opportunities.

Roy will be including in his presentation the photographic hotspots of the Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula .


The Antarctic,  our seventh continent, is famous for its vast white plains and freezing  cold temperatures. However, along the edge of the snow covered  wilderness we find shores teeming with life. If we also include the  Sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, being  the gateway to the Southern Ocean, we will see a great diversity and a  breathtaking density of wildlife. Roy has been doing several expeditions  to Antarctica and the surrounding island, giving him some incredible  encounters which he has captured through the lens. This talk will cover a  classic ship based expedition starting in the Falkland Islands, going  past the rough coast of South Georgia and ending up on the Antarctic  Peninsula. On this journey we will meet hundreds of thousands of  penguins and massive Elephant seals as well as incredible wildlife both  in the air, at sea and on the frozen beaches.

Roy  is a trained behavioral ecologist, conservationists as well as a professional photographer and being a conservationist at heart Roy will be not only be showcasing incredible images with their photographic considerations but the incredible and inspirational natural backstory to each of them.Of interest to all participants is Roy's photographic philosophy his own words

"For  me nature photography is not all about pleasing my own need to create.  Of course being happy with a picture is very important, but very often  there is a story behind it that needs to be told. What separates a good  image from the rest is when this story is being told to the viewer. If I  succeed in telling the story I will be happy. A really good image needs  to tell a story, and at best create a response from the receiver. If  the image is living through the receiver, and not forgotten, I have  really taken a good picture. I am always aware of the message sent  through my photography, and consider my camera a very powerful weapon if  used correctly. One picture tells more than a thousand words".

Roy has first hand experience of all the considerations of travelling to these destinations and will be touching on travelling to and photographing in sometimes extreme conditions.

His  multiple international  awards including awards in Wildlife Photographer of the Year (UK),  European Wildlife Photographer of the Year - GDT (Germany), Nature Best  Awards (USA), Golden Turtle (Russia), Golden Porpoise (China) and was  awarded Arctic photographer of the year 2013 by the Global Arctic Awards  (Russia) are testimony to what a fabulous and creative photograher he is.

Roy is currently a member of the Sony Wildlife Explorer project - a conservation initiative hosted by Sony Nordic.

Besides his career as a photographer Roy is partner and professional photographic host in WildPhoto Travel. He  is doing assignments around the world to destinations ranging from the  Arctic to the Antarctic, also visiting temperate destinations in Africa,  South-America and the Galapagos Island. 

1 June 2021 at 18:30:00


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