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A Creative Photographic Journey

Shem Compion

Following on from Shem's introduction event we are pleased to showcase a dive into his creative approach to photography and how he pushes those who travel with him to achieve their own great images.

This will be a feature length presentation full of photographic tips and insight along with a call to all photographers , especially "Wildlife Photographers" to pick up their cameras for other subjects to develop a diverse portfolio and greater understanding of photographic composition.


The presentation will use a thread of how Shem transitioned from a pure wildlife photographer into a cultural and wildlife photographer which led to exploring more of the remote areas in  Africa. 

In Shem's words "When I met Art Wolfe in 2012, his one comment stuck with me. He  said that as an artist, one should “never have any prejudice” for your subjects. I noticed it in his approach. he photographs any subject matter. If it attracts his photographic eye or intrigues his mind, he is  onto it in a flash. The result is an incredible repertoire of skills  that you develop, which translates into a diverse portfolio of images."

This has had a profound effect on Shem's approach and the teaching he gives he goes on to say "As  such, I followed that maxim and a whole new world of skills opened up  to me, as well as interest. One of these has been the remote cultures of  Africa. Going from a pure wildlife photographer building hides in  Mashatu through to Turkana expeditions in Northern Kenya is a massive transitions. Yet I have grown as a photographer and being able to share this with guests whilst on safari is something I hold dear. Its the intrepid which come on these journeys and the images they gain are far from the norm: They are standouts! Such is life on an expedition."

Sharing this experience with practical tips to improve your own photography will be the focus of the presentation

23 December 2023 at 19:00:00

No Charge

Booking Details

7.00PM UK

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