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A Beautiful Silence

Steve Gosling

Journey to Antarctica with a truly creative photographer and get an insight into how you can look beyond the obvious and create fabulously minimalist and abstract images from any destination you may travel to.

Steve Gosling has led workshops on 5 of the 7 continents and has been an instructor on a photo trip to the most southerly continent, Antarctica, when he spent three weeks sailing in the Southern Ocean (also travelling to South Georgia). During this time he visited amazing landscapes and witnessed the incredible wildlife close up.


 This presentation uses the pictorial story of that trip along with his reflections on the journey to expand on the photographic challenges faced (e.g. working in sub-zero temperatures, shooting from zodiacs and the deck of a moving ship) how he overcame them and kept creative.

There will of course be the equipment considerations of working  in extreme weather, plus the joys, frustrations and rewards of a  journey of a lifetime but this is also a Photographers eye insight, a blueprint or mindset for all those attending to apply to their own travels

On his journey Steve shot both colour and B&W  images of the landscapes and wildlife that he encountered as well as photographing close-ups & abstracts, we will see the results of this in some wonderful images taken in his own typical minimalist style.

This talk is a must for anyone interested in a  different and inspirational perspective on the landscapes and wildlife in one of the most extreme & spectacular environments on the planet.

All registrants will be able to watch the event on recorded catch up for 7 days post the event and there will , of course be a full Q&A session on the night.

Steve will also be offering some special discounts on his own books for all those attending.

16 June 2022 at 18:30:00


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